The Arrestingly Soulful Up & Coming Acoustic Singer Songwriter You Need on Your Playlists

“If You Fall Apart” is the latest single released by acoustic singer-songwriter Jake Allen, proving that there are still plenty of ways to compose an authentically folkish, weighted soundscape.

It’s easy to be cynical listening to a new acoustic artist for the first time, yet Jake’s natural talent for musical expression is instantly arresting through his signature sonorous style. There’s a hauntingly beautiful magnetism behind Jake Allen and his fellow instrumentalists’ sound; the rhythm rolls and crashes just as fluidly as you’d imagine the ocean meeting the shore. The melody perfectly matching the vocals is one thing, but the resonance behind his soulful vocal expression is something else entirely.

You can check out “If You Fall Apart” performed live at Infinite Balance Studios by heading over to YouTube now. Needless to say, the production quality is flawless.

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