Taylor Chaffin – Take My Heart Home: Tentatively Sweet Soft Rock

Take My Heart Home by Taylor Chaffin

I was infinitely underprepared for how much I would love Taylor Chaffin’s latest track Take My Heart Home with its romantically 80’s vibe. I felt like I should have been watching Dazed and Confused as I listened to his nostalgically placed harmonies of the Indie rock ethereally unfold. The Atlanta Georgia based artist teamed up with a powerhouse of talented instrumentalists to create his sensational new single. The reverb of the track cuts through you like a knife as you’re left mesmerised by the soaring melodies and tentatively sweet guitar riffs around the keys.

Take My Heart Home may be a little bit of a guilty pleasure on my playlists, but either way, now I’ve been introduced to Taylor Chaffin’s pioneeringly beautiful sound his music will always have a place in my Soft Rock playlists.

You can download or stream Taylor Chaffin’s latest single Take My Heart Home which was released on April 17th, 2018 on BandCamp now and join me in the sweet anticipation of the release of his new EP ‘Century Lovers’ which will be due out May 31st, 2018

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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