Corey Kilgannon’s Folky “Montauk II” Is Divine!

Corey Kilgannon spearheads harder this time with a rather melancholic tone; A voice that’s cladded in such a soothing quiver; a quiver whose momentum is absolutely capable to rivet the butterflies that have been felt by a sweetheart to a self-sober reflection without a flinch towards the transition of the mood swings..

While this song might seem to be a slow cool jam, it’s also that type of song that gives you many flashbacks and gets you reminiscing about your current life and the past. Corey Kilgannon’s ‘Montauk’ is a song that has a lot of messages in it.

With his well-structured lyrics and alluring voice, Corey Kilgannon took us on a mild beautiful journey that dates right back to his own life story. This song brings back memories of high school senior years and the entire love triangle that comes with it. This song is also not the type of song that sprung out, and then flies right to the top of music charts but rather it’s that kind of song that crawls to the top of the chart at its own pace.

With an amazing 1st bridge that somewhat come off as an artwork form the music group; little big town, and an amazing note that suits the tempo of the song, Corey’s ‘Montauk II’ obviously made me stop for a while and listen with great attention paid to the words he put together to write an awesome song like this one. I can’t say that this song is one hell of a happy song but it’s an amazing song that’s worth its own place in your current favourite playlist.


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