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Nick Sargentson – Possessive: Sticky-Sweet Blues Funk-laced Pop Rock

Nick Sargentson

Don’t be surprised if you feel your heart reposition itself in your throat as you’re wrapped up in the sticky sweet melodies in Nick Sargentson’s upcoming single “Possessive”.

Possessive is just one of the singles which feature on the Melbourne-based singer songwriter’s debut EP which is due for release on 20th March 2020.

If you can imagine Eddie Vedder’s seductive vocal evocative appeal mixed with nuanced vocal harmonics you’d expect from the likes of Adam Levine and Shawn Mendes, you’ll be able to get an idea of what’s on offer through Possessive.

The track simply oozes homegrown soul. Yet, despite the humble nature of the track, there’s a perceptible innovative talent which would more than justify an ego; the self-taught guitarist definitely didn’t hold back when it came to the riffs in Possessive.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out Possessive, in the meantime, you can check out the artist’s earlier releases via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Scott Rocco – Ignited: Perpetually Timeless Indie Rock

Tracks such as “Ignited” by NYC-based Rock artist Scott Rocco will perpetually remain timeless. With melodies which seep just as much pure unadulterated soul as the resounding vocals, you’d have to be fairly dead inside not to get caught up in the tides of euphoria in Ignited.

Even though the vocals were transfixing, nothing left me quite as enamoured as hearing a guitarist with a nuanced style which sits in between that of James Dean Bradfield and Johnny Marr. In a feat of aural alchemy, Scott Rocco combined Marr’s jangly optimistic notes and the deep, tension-building licks which you’ll hear from James Dean Bradfield.

When you hit play, every single one of your rhythmic pulses will be in the command of this incredibly talented artist.

You can check out Ignited along with Scott Rocco’s earlier releases for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Taylor Chaffin – Take My Heart Home: Tentatively Sweet Soft Rock

I was infinitely underprepared for how much I would love Taylor Chaffin’s latest track Take My Heart Home with its romantically 80’s vibe. I felt like I should have been watching Dazed and Confused as I listened to his nostalgically placed harmonies of the Indie rock ethereally unfold. The Atlanta Georgia based artist teamed up with a powerhouse of talented instrumentalists to create his sensational new single. The reverb of the track cuts through you like a knife as you’re left mesmerised by the soaring melodies and tentatively sweet guitar riffs around the keys.

Take My Heart Home may be a little bit of a guilty pleasure on my playlists, but either way, now I’ve been introduced to Taylor Chaffin’s pioneeringly beautiful sound his music will always have a place in my Soft Rock playlists.

You can download or stream Taylor Chaffin’s latest single Take My Heart Home which was released on April 17th, 2018 on BandCamp now and join me in the sweet anticipation of the release of his new EP ‘Century Lovers’ which will be due out May 31st, 2018

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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Steve Obando – Babylon: A Pure Celebration of Island Flavoured Soft Rock Beat

With such palpable influences fluctuating through his sound Steve Obando has created a track which has the essences of at least a handful of icons within his latest debut track Babylon. Babylon will sound pretty familiar to fans of David Gray’s 2000 version of Babylon. David Gray’s version may have over 5 million hits on YouTube, but I have no doubt that Steve Obando’s sound will see him reaching even further thanks to his pioneering sound. His style is a beguiling mix of Pop, Folk, Soft Rock and a little bit of Jazz, which translates to sounding a bit like listening to Fleetwood Mac’s, Mumford and Son’s, and Gary Barlow all at the same time. The soulfully charismatically catchy lyrics bounce against his up-beat guitar hooks to create a sound of pure catharsis. Babylon is Steve Obando’s debut collaboration which is a pure celebration of his Southern Rock influences, orchestrated why compelling instrumentation.

You can check out Steve Obando’s frankly adorable official music video on YouTube

To buy the single, head on over to Steve Obando’s website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The River South – Follow The Light: Uplifting Utopian Rock

Follow The Light is the title track from the brand new by The River South, a sensually blissful rock collective that know just how to orchestrate a sonorous Soft Rock hit. The Austin based Rock group is comprised of the undeniable talent from Kirster Axel (guitar, lead vocals & keys), Michael Zuzel (Bass) & Jinnee Joos (vocals). Together they create a palpable synergy that just can’t be ignored.

As soon as the vocals to Follow The Light hit, I was awash with the nostalgia of some of the icons of the genre which The River South have a tangible reminiscence of. I could hear hints of Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits behind the haunting composition. There’s a delicate pinch of melancholy behind the vocals that allow the track to sweetly resonate with you. Follow The Light is one of those iconic albums you can’t help but get stuck on. I won’t lie it gave me butterflies. To share the ethereal sensation, you can check out Follow The Light on SoundCloud using the link below:

Head on over to the official website to download the album and check if you’re lucky enough to catch The River South live

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sylva Faye Delivers a Masterfully Crafted Sonic Brew with “Make You Rich”

Every once in awhile you find yourself coming across something special that is a masterfully crafted blend of vast variety of flavors; some flavors are instantly recognizable, while others are fresh and new. This sort of combination is exactly what we get with Sylva Faye’s latest release “Make You Rich”. With a special musical blend of genre influence including Folk, Soft Rock, Jazz, and Pop, there is certain to be something in the track to incline ears of all tastes.

The track begins with a beautifully fingerpicked acoustic guitar with a heavily reverberated electric guitar providing some deep ambience, and the busiest yet most subtle drumming keeping the time, ending with a nice thick and warm bass tone to fill out the sonic brew, and lead us into the first verse.

The verses simmer down a bit, offering Sylva Faye’s vocal delivery a true opportunity to shine. What a fantastic voice it is! Somewhere between the warmth of Adele, pop-oriented undertones of Lilly Allen, with a slight edge reminiscent of Stevie Nick is where you will find the voice of Sylva Faye. Once we reach the climactic chorus, Faye’s vocals show a sonic prowess that feels very powerful, yet somehow remains very subtle.

The entire song from top to bottom is laden with beautifully interwoven melodies with compliments of the guitars and sax, and some flute thrown in for good measure. Add in the amazing vocal harmonies during the hook, and you find yourself partaking in a masterfully crafted cup of sonic goodness that you simply do not want to see the bottom of. Much like a gourmet cup of java, once you have finished partaking this sonic brew, you will find yourself desirous of even more.