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Kiss Me Gently: Ro Jordan is quite exquisite on the intimate journey to the ‘Northern Lights’

Sweetly sending us a stunning story that feels like it could be from a Hollywood romance movie, Ro Jordan wants her blushing lover to pull in a bit closer on her stunning new imagination-filled lips-locked single named ‘Northern Lights‘.

Ro Jordan is a delightfully elegant East Midlands, England-based multi-talented music producer, sound engineer, writer and RnB/soul singer.

Influenced by greats such as Lauryn Hill and SZA, you feel her calming vocals flourish instinctively through the clear blue sky and she gives you such shivers of happy joy, with her absorbing style which has you smiling from ear to ear.

This is the cute story of going on an adventure you will both never forget, as you find the best place to witness one of the worlds most beautiful features. You feel like you two are close enough for this special moment, and don’t want be with anyone else.

She sings with such stylish intellect and everything seems so effortless, as she takes you on a ride up above in the clouds where the frolicking birds roam free.

Northern Lights‘ from the graceful UK indie RnB singer-songwriter, sound engineer and music producer Ro Jordan, has your eyes lit stirringly with such romance, as this special moment is such a riveting listen due to its classy rhythm throughout.

With glorious vocals, a breathtaking beat and a movie-feeling that will fill you with hope again, this is one of the most romantically pure tracks you will hear in 2021.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see her sky-chasing journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Coming For You: Arizona’s Orval Hill drops ‘High Anxiety’ (ft. Justin Loera)

Released as the lead track from his latest six-track EP, Orval Hill smashes into the speakers and raps with such force on ‘High Anxiety(ft. Justin Loera).

Anthony Enoch aka Orval Hill, is a writer, actor and hip-hop artist from Phoenix, Arizona. With a style of music that catches your attention fast and leaves you impressed, due to his crisply tuned flow and smartly penned lyrics.

This is a song that shows how he is ready for the next step of his career, his confidence is at an all-time high and he sweeps away all doubts with a self-assured nature. The flow is tidy and the beat different to the rest, as he breaks down the door and shows the world what they need to be listening to.

High Anxiety(ft. Justin Loera) from Phoenix, Arizona schizo rap artist Orval Hill, has you buzzing with perspective as he raps with a confidence that shows his intent, no matter what else is going on in the world. Featuring lots of solos and a buzz-saw style rap style that shreds through the competition, this is an underground effort that will please raw hip-hop fans.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She’s cheating on me: J’Da Prynce asks for help from the ‘Operator’ on fiery single

Taken off his seven-track album ‘Welcome to J’da’s World‘, J’Da Prynce leads us into his domestic issue-filled mess during stressful times on ‘Operator‘.

Newark, New Jersey-born, South Carolina-raised Jeremy Johnson aka J’Da Prynce, is a multi-skilled writer, educator, solo indie singer-songwriter and President and CEO of talent agency Applaud You Talent Group who is based in electric Atlanta in Georgia. He powerfully brings forth that passionate r&b-fused music experience, that grabs your tugging heart and takes you for a thrilling ride of high-octane vocals that lifts you off your seat.

He sings with a brilliant vocal range, born from his parents bringing him up with the sounds of the choir, he fills the room with stunning echos that have you impressed by the notes he can throw at you. The experience of being overseas has matured him, the different styles he immersed himself into transformed him further, into being a performer that can do any style of music and pull it off with that world class energy.

Operator‘ from Atlanta’s multi-talented J’Da Prynce, is that diversity-inspired song that drives quickly into your mind, while you think about previous issues in the heat of the moment, that required you to take a step back to find your cool again.

Sometimes you need help from strangers to figure out what is going on, before things get out of hand. If love is really strong, you will find a way to be the bigger person and not let your feelings push you to a level, where there is no coming back from.

Stream this vibrant new single on Spotify and see his music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Damn Near Genius: Pullupnsplash urges us to relax and ‘Smoke What I Smoke’ (Feat. Lilli Passero)

Pullupnsplash blazes a happy-snack trail for us to follow closely on the hot new hip-hop single called ‘Smoke What I Smoke‘ (Feat. Lilli Passero).

Los Angeles, California-based rapper/producer, manager, cannabis industry professional and writer Robert Ellis IV aka Pullupnsplash, has a very likable style and a quick-fire flow that fits the Damn Near Genius mantra perfectly. He makes music that is so easy to follow and gets you into that happy groove so you can achieve anything you want; with a goofy smile on your face too.

They rap with such freedom and delight as the message of keeping cool in this hot world is brought to the fore through a video with lots of comedy and a fresh attitude to the way music should be made.

With a mischievous music video all about helping others to feel the same high during the festive season, this is a smooth single that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is all about the mellow vibes.

Smoke What I Smoke‘ (Feat. Lilli Passero). from Los Angeles emcee Pullupnsplash is a fun single that lights up the world when its dark outside and this has a positive message after all the hate and car wreckage of 2020. Here is an emcee that brings a positive message a laid-back approach to life, that we all need to follow.

Roll up and stream this tasty track on YouTube plus see more info on this top artist via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Remembering simpler times: Long Island’s Memory Set sends us back the the 80’s on the spectacular ‘Swimming’

Memory Set glides effortlessly into the crystal clean pool, with the lead single from his upcoming EP called ‘As The Tides‘. and helps us put behind the darkness of 2020 on ‘Swimming‘.

Formerly known as Zephyr, Long Island, New York writer, producer, mixing/mastering engineer extraordinaire Jacob Eifert aka Memory Set, flows through the water of life and ends up floating high above the water, with his head held up high.

That 80’s feel is in such happy abundance at the start and you feel like letting your hair down and getting onto that dance floor in your kitchen, swinging your partner around and being free.

The satisfying beat gets you to smile again and think that this is going to be your year, no matter what the news or anyone says. With a slower beat in the middle to tease us tightly and plenty of sensational saxophone simmering, this is a track that only improves throughout.

Swimming‘ is the type of song you put on and place on repeat. The pureness is heavenly and you feel like reminiscing and only good memories come out. Being in the pool with friends and splashing about, going underwater and feeling so free inside your heart, like there were no worries in the world.

Long Island producer Memory Set clearly has that special soul inside of him and sends a reminder that life can be simple and pure, just like it was intended. Through his stunning music, it lives on.

Stream this wonderful new single that will have your body is raptures via Spotify and check out the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen