Remembering simpler times: Long Island’s Memory Set sends us back the the 80’s on the spectacular ‘Swimming’

Memory Set glides effortlessly into the crystal clean pool, with the lead single from his upcoming EP called ‘As The Tides‘. and helps us put behind the darkness of 2020 on ‘Swimming‘.

Formerly known as Zephyr, Long Island, New York writer, producer, mixing/mastering engineer extraordinaire Jacob Eifert aka Memory Set, flows through the water of life and ends up floating high above the water, with his head held up high.

That 80’s feel is in such happy abundance at the start and you feel like letting your hair down and getting onto that dance floor in your kitchen, swinging your partner around and being free.

The satisfying beat gets you to smile again and think that this is going to be your year, no matter what the news or anyone says. With a slower beat in the middle to tease us tightly and plenty of sensational saxophone simmering, this is a track that only improves throughout.

Swimming‘ is the type of song you put on and place on repeat. The pureness is heavenly and you feel like reminiscing and only good memories come out. Being in the pool with friends and splashing about, going underwater and feeling so free inside your heart, like there were no worries in the world.

Long Island producer Memory Set clearly has that special soul inside of him and sends a reminder that life can be simple and pure, just like it was intended. Through his stunning music, it lives on.

Stream this wonderful new single that will have your body is raptures via Spotify and check out the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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