Casely urges us to make use of those real moments with ”Time Flies”

Time is always a precious moment and one that we need to make full use of. Being in that moment and really making it count, no matter how much you have of it. Casely has just put out a wonderful single that make you want to fly up and be with all those people you really care about.

This is a stunning song from R&B singer Casely as he takes us on a trip of passion and meaning. His voice is sharp and you want to listen to his every word. I love how peaceful this track is and the guitar riffs are calm and reassuring. His tale of love inside the song is sad but inspiring and we hear the hurt and stories about not letting pride get in the way- as this will eventually, hold us back. This is a fantastic song and one that all ages need to hear so that we can take a breath and look up above for guidance.

Stream more of ”Time Flies” and hear this fantastic artist via the YouTube channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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