Spookybands releases latest single All the Birds Died V.1: A very powerful piece of music

Spookybands have released their latest piece ‘All the Birds Died V.1’ . It’s incredibly honest, meaningful and dark as he keeps it as real as it can be.

It incorporates many ranges of sound, it gives off this rather poignant feeling as he tells this powerful story through his lyrics, keeping it real and speaking the truth about the way he feels. What  makes this an interesting piece of music, is the way in which his vocal ranges can vary, sometimes they’re low and raspy and sometimes high-pitched and raucous as you hear the strain in the back of his throat, giving it this rough tone.

The instrumentation is kept pretty simple, but that’s what makes the words really illuminate the piece, everything aspect of this piece is to let the lyrics shine through and it certainly does that. The gentle riff and tap on the guitar softly pacing through the background.

Spookybands have this rather intriguing way when writing lyrics, in a way that his audience can hear each word and feel this connection through the words used.

Check out Spookybands single All the Birds Died V.1 by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

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