Austrian singer Maddy Rose stuns with exquisite video for ”In A Better Place”

Austrian singer-songwriter and pianist Maddy Rose is an optimist and a wonderful talent. You can feel that she is practically busting to perform live again. This is the voice of a real soul that loves singing. There is no ego here and the music is pure and untainted. I really like how ”In A Better Place” is so mellow and the video lives up to expectations and more.

The Vienna based songstress is in fine form on ”In A Better Place” and Maddy Rose feels like she is ready for the next step in her career. She is grateful for playing live before and I feel like she will want to be travelling and performing live all over the world. She is ready and with songs like this, the world is her oyster.

With the late great Amy Winehouse, Carol King and current legend Adele as influences, you can hear the vocals of Soul and that pure Jazzy R&B that enters your ears and you just smile. Maddy Rose has a Jazz style that fuses so many genres in one that will resonate with millions all over the globe.

Stream this stunning song here on YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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