Fleming is concerned that he hasn’t figured it out yet on ‘Mind Tricks’

Feeling like he is presently stuck in an incoherent vortex while others are flying free to follow their dreams, Fleming displays incredible vocals that might take you to a higher place on his latest single, ‘Mind Tricks‘.

Fleming is a Vienna, Austria-based indie alternative singer-songwriter and music producer who only seems to be improving continuously while his perspective evolves throughout time.

Flicking through his brother’s CD collection after he had left home, Alex Hofbauer discovered a love for US Hip hop which led to a mind-altering discovery on the other side of the Atlantic with Massive Attack’s fusion of Hip hop and electronic music.” ~ Fleming

Sung with a splendid velocity that sweeps you off your feet and takes you right inside this excellent story of sensing that everyone around you is winning as you keep on struggling, Fleming sends us to a world overindulged with severe frustration that so many can certainly relate to on this chaotic planet.

Aligning himself sonically with artists such as Blood Orange and Childish Gambino, Fleming has arrived with grooves-a-plenty and a slow-burning instrumental strut that sits beautifully between cold piano tones and warmer, more off-kilter electronic textures.” ~ Fleming

Mind Tricks‘ from Stadl-Paura, Austria-born indie alternative singer-songwriter, pianist and music producer Fleming is a soundtrack to so many of our lives right now as we look above for inspiration. With the world so confusing and packed with so many options that could take you down to a treacherous cave in an instant, this is that reminder that figuring it all out will come eventually. Taking time to get on the right path, is the key to all success after all.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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