You Will Always Rise: Abeni sings with such caring beauty on SAVE US (feat. O.G. Jimmy)

With a natural grace that elevates her up into the clouds like an angel sent to guide the youth into a better world of self-confidence, Abeni returns with her stunning single that might be one of the most beautifully arranged releases of 2022 so far with SAVE US (feat. O.G. Jimmy).

Abeni is a tranquil indie singer-songwriter who grew up shy and has used music to grow her poise through her clear gifts for helping the world heal.

A reminder to think about our lives and our futures. We need to remember to teach our children their self-worth. This should never be a question.” ~ Abeni guiding us into the vision of this stunning experience

Floating with such classy dignity and humble grace that is a shining wonder of light in a currently inhospitable world for many, Abeni has reminded us all that life can be so much better than first expected. Showing the kids that self-worth is available if you know what it feels like, to bring us a ray of hope when needed most.

SAVE US (feat. O.G. Jimmy) from indie singer-songwriter Abeni is a reminder that staying true to yourself and staying away from the cage that others selfishly put around you is the best way to live. Sung with a pure delivery that might cause your heart to ripple like a calm stream on a peaceful summer’s day, this is an absolutely gorgeously soul-healing experience to listen to.

Sometimes we need to know that we actually control our path towards destiny.

See this forest-filled video on YouTube and see more on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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