USA Pop singer Shawn O’Donnell releases heart-breaking debut ”Quicksand”

That feeling when you care about someones well-being so much and how you witness their self-destruction right in front of your eyes. This is a tough feeling and can really cause long-lasting mental carnage. You try so hard but don’t seem to get through to them.

Singer-songwriter Shawn O’Donnell from West Chester, Pennsylvania has just achieved a major milestone. He has just released his debut original track ”Quicksand” and its a marvel to behold. The song is so well executed and sung with such passion that I applaud his efforts. He has a great voice and the song is so sad and inspiring at the same time. We are taken on a journey by Shawn as he describes his pain at seeing someone he cares about hurt themselves with their addiction. He tries his best to communicate but feels like he is going through quicksand to help them. This is a quality single and such a relevant topic that we can all understand. Shawn is a young singer with loads of potential and big things await if he can stay focused and keep on coming up with releases like this.

Stream this lyric video via YouTube now and follow him to see more of his awesome videos.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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