‘Bats in the Attic’ from Vincent & the Noise is a story of a surprise visitor and finding that chorus on a soulfully sweet song

Bats in the Attic‘ from Vincent & the Noise is a story of a scary bat found in the attic!

Vincent & the Noise is 19 year old singer-songwriter and producer David Vincent, Dan Rinaldi (Drums), and Dylan Scully (Bass). They are all about those good vibes and this incredible song reflects that. They are so real, a simple story created music which is amazing to see.

This is indie-rock-pop with a real inside soul, the melody flows like a pleasant river. You are close to those that mean a lot to you and you are looking for that sound you want. With the silky smooth start, this is that happy type of music that sets you free from your worries. One day you will live together with that special soul, kids in the yard. Good times await.

Self produced and written while the band held themselves at a cottage in upstate New York to find their sound, 19 year old front-man David Vincent came upon the song’s chorus one night after the band found a bat in the attic of their cottage. It scared the shit out of them. Without that fateful scare, this song wouldn’t exist.

Bats in the Attic‘ from Vincent & the Noise has inner beauty and pureness that we are looking from music in 2020. With so much smoke around, this clears the air and is a must-add on any mood boost playlist.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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