Healer and singer together: Ugandan singer-songwriter Beth Ingabire is incredible on debut ‘Yeshua’

Singer-songwriter and poet Beth Ingabire is a Kampala, Uganda native who sings about love and healing. She is exactly the guiding light that the world needs right now.

This is an elegant 8 track EP with undisputed class and a woman’s touch, her voice leaves you feeling reflective and this moves you. This is that meaningful type of music that is so rare these days and gets the hungry heart motivated to be better. This music has been carefully crafted by this wildly talented and conscious poet who wants this to still your soul and lead you into worship, reflecting or taking a few minutes to soak it all in.

Beth Ingabire brings us the brand new debut EP called ‘Yeshua‘ and this is a spiritual journey. speaking on important topics like alcohol and smoking that can damage your light. Possibly your life. This young poet that speaks from the heart about freedom, love and is such a vivid storyteller that grabs you close, her music a rare light of peace, where there is thunder and lightning everywhere.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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