Scottish singer Donny Ross improves even more on the sharp-edged ‘Stags’

Scottish singer Donny Ross improves even more on the sharp-edged ‘Stags‘ as he cuts through the noise of 2020 in impressive fashion.

Los Angeles based Donny is on a new path and you can hear the excitement in his voice. He has a vision for his sound and the results are rather tasty to the ear.

Raised in the Scottish Highlands, this is a young man that grew up with the legendary sounds of the local music that surrounded him. The traditional Scottish sounds are seeped deep into his soul and this is how he fell into loving music. With his father being a bagpiper, you can tell that this is a family passion and the way of life.

Stags‘ from Donny Ross shows us all that you don’t need to change everything about your style to be successful. Here is a traditional artist that fuses Rock and his own style of music to make an absolute belter of a track.

The riffs are so groovy you might need a lie down. His voice is brooding and mysterious, it feels like you can feel the smoke and sweat from the stage as Donny takes us on an enjoyable journey throughout, as we hear a melodic track that is full of class.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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