Caralisc just wants to be free again on the superb ‘Run Away’

Released from his hugely significant 15-track album of substance called ‘New Age‘, Caralisc shows us deep inside his mind as he ponders all the unforeseen changes that have understandably rattled his core over the past few years on ‘Run Away‘.

Caralisc aka Carl Brong is a Reno, Nevada-raised indie RnB artist who is also known for his mighty skills with Yo-Yo, photography and videography.

One of the biggest influences in Carl’s music are Hip-Hop artists such as Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky. He also takes significant influence from electronic artists such as Flume, C418, and RnB artists like Joji and Frank Ocean.” ~ Caralisc

Showing such grace and illuminating calmness that shall sweep you off your feet, Caralisc is the sort of fresh artist who puts his heart and soul into each note and leaves no doubt that he is one of the more appealing musicians to learn about in 2022.

Caralisc has released many singles and albums over the years. His latest, New Age, a 20-song album, is a Hip-Hip/R&B driven piece that dictates the end of the world through metaphors and subtle messages.” ~ Caralisc

Run Away‘ from Reno, Nevada-raised indie RnB artist Caralisc is a riveting track that shall grab your attention rather quickly and take you deep into a realm that so many of us have felt deeply recently. Sung with a powerful intensity that shall have you searching for that seatbelt, this is a vitally important message for anyone who has thought about flying away to a peaceful place.

With a likeable beat attached, this is a track to bathe in when you need to know that you are not alone.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more vibes.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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