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Eugene Levy wage war on boredom with new track ‘Use Your Body As A Weapon’

Iowa-based pop-punkers Eugene Levy have released their newest track – alongside accompanying lyric video – ‘Use Your Body As A Weapon’.

‘Use Your Body As A Weapon’ is a biologically-charged bop that doesn’t waste any time in punching you in the face (or various other sensitive body parts) with power-chorded pop-rocky goodness. Levy alternates between chuggy fifths across verse and chorus with the lead singer’s vocals crushing the mix in that classic mid-2000s voiced tone: and it’s a solidly enjoyable number.

For fans of heavier pop-punk stylings like A Day to Remember, Eugene Levy have solidified their status as pre-eminent Iowa pop-rock. ‘Use Your Body As A Weapon’ laments the failure of not only our bodies, but love, change and the failing of others in the process. It’s not all bad vibes though, the group’s nostalgic cadence – like that of golden-era pop-punk – helps them shine through the darkness and come out the other side with a sparkling lead track. 

You can listen to Eugene Levy’s ‘Use Your Body As A Weapon’ over on their YouTube channel here.


1Day chug into full gear with rapturous new track ‘Bar = Magic!’

Pop punkers 1Day have released a new track ‘Bar = Magic!’. 

For those wanting a new wave of pop-punk without being adorned with too much complicated genre crossing and production experiments, 1Day have proven that possible with their latest track. ‘Bar = Magic!’ is a skillful number with enough drive to fans of the genre to hitchhike without any trouble on a vastly enjoyable pop-punk rise and 1Day showcase some strong songwriting skills in getting listeners to their destinations. . 

The track shines where it gets most raunchy and raw – unafraid to dive into a looser pop-rock appeal – with hard harmonic riffing and some pleasantly wailing vocals drifting across the speakers. Check it out. 

You can listen to ‘Bar = Magic’ on 1Day’s Spotify page here.


Deijuvhs destroys conventions with punky, brash bars on ‘Creepin Thru Da Nite’

UK punk-aesthetic rapper and rising star Deijuvhs has released new track ‘Creepin Thru Da Nite’. 

On the first explosions of glitchy, bassy growling through the speaker (which had to be, to save damage, turned down), Deijuvhs doesn’t hold back in making you think ‘What the hell is this?’ ‘Is this rap?’ ‘No wait. Yes? Absolutely not.’ After a sequence of cross genre-instigated pondering, it’s easy to see why Deijuvhs is making his name as one of the most interesting emergents of the current UK Hip Hop scene. 

‘Creepin Thru Da Nite’ an electrifying, distorted ride of growly beats accompanied by grime MC vocals. It’s sort of like the British equivalent of Death Grips – and that is by no small means, a small comparison to make. There’s big things to come from Deijuvhs, as well proven on this track. Don’t be surprised to see this guy creeping on the radio some time soon.  

You can check out ‘Creepin Thru Da Nite’ on Deijuvhs’ Spotify page here.


Newly formed Leeds Garage-Punk Rockers Goose Chase make powerful entrance with ‘’Rich Get Richer’’

You don’t get a voice when you’re on the dole. Goose Chase are here to champion the regular people in the world and make a massive entrance to be proud of with their new single ‘’Rich Get Richer’’.

This is the 2nd single off their debut EP slated for release on the 19th June 2020 and follows up the fast-paced banger ‘’Time Goes Too Fast For Me’’. The band all met at University and feature Taylor Jones on Vocals, James Masterson and Jamie Waller on Guitar, Eddie Lomax is on Bass and finally, Rob Hughes as the energetically charged drummer. The band all share an interest in politics and raise interesting points with their music that is for the common citizen, frustrated with the state of the country at the moment.

I enjoy Goose Chase’s catchy melodies and driven attitude. This is a band pushing themselves through the door and we should take notice before they hit the big time. 

Stream the Goose Chase lads here on spotify and be sure to tell your mates about them.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


8udDha bl0od – N1c071n3 GUnn: get into your kookiest mood

Completely unlike what we’ve heard before from 8udDha bl0od, N1c071n3 GUnn brings on a punk energy you may have already experienced during that “God save the queen” era.

Condensed in only 1:59, the song burst out in a guitar rampage that makes you appreciate the rawness of the distortion and overall sound, as if it was a plug-in and play endeavor. That sound – how rough, furious, rock. Love it!

I really hope many of you are ready to be thrown into a moshpit because this track will definitely make you want to start one.

Get into your kookiest mood and go wild with N1c071n3 GUnn on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Study of Us has made their debut with the glitchy Pop Punk earworm “Written in the Headlines”

Glitchy Alt Rock meets Pop Punk in up and coming artist Study of Us’ debut single “Written in the Headlines”.

Written in the Headlines may pack a raucous punch and oozes vitriolic energy, but with the absorbingly emotive vocals, you’ll easily be drawn into the magnetic track which offers the connectable resonance which we need more now than ever.

With the lyrics, instead of the usual self-pitying platitudes, you’ll find revolutionary angst which gives Written in the Headlines an Anarcho-Punk feel while the instrumentals create a brand-new trajectory in the evolution of Punk.

You can check out Study of Us’ debut single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Merivida – Smoke: Psychedelically Vitriolic Alt Rock

Up and coming Alt Rock artist Merivida has made their debut with their genre-defying vitriolically explosive album “Leaked Transmissions from the Cosmos”.

While each track is a riotous convergence of Punk, Grunge, Psych, and Garage Rock, the best introduction to Merivida’s high-octane spacy sound is undoubtedly Smoke.

With the same rhythmically serpentine style as Velvet Revolver, Garage Punk vocals and the angst which practically drips from the frenzied instrumentals Smoke isn’t a track which you’ll forget in a hurry. Even with the harsh and grungy tones, Smoke still offers an anthemic feel, I can’t imagine how insanely energetic a live set from the Washington-based artist would be.

You can check out Smoke along for yourselves via Spotify. But we’d highly recommend listening to Leaked Transmissions from the Cosmos in full. It’s a rare perfectly curated release which allows each of Merivida’s hypnotically grungy tracks to become even more transfixing.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


‘Gore’ by The Wind Chasers Club: A full throttle, face melting punk fest!

gore by the wind chasers club

The Wind Chasers Club are a popular Californian band with a difference. Their unafraid glare rests upon the subject of love and exposes the raw nerves of its complexity with painfully naked  flamboyance. They refuse to dance on the periphery of their subject matter but rather, through rip roaring vocals and an ingeniously shredded guitar performance, they fearlessly plunge headlong into the blood, sweat, tears and other messy fluids of love, leapfrogging over all of the mushy stuff and taking us on an eyes-wide-open journey.

Its safe to say that these guys revel in the dark spaces of reality but unlike others in their genre, they are able to produce a nuanced, non-traditional song structure that perfectly reels the listener in, with the all-important ebbs and flows needed to relay a complete allegory. All in all, ‘Gore’ by The Wind Chasers Club is an enlightened, contemporary punk-goth offering that is nothing short of perfection. The track oozes with talent and obvious labour of love. I’m excited to hear what they come up with next.

Have a listen to ‘Gore’ by The Wind Chasers Club on Bandcamp. Not for the fainthearted!


GAY LIPS releases EP Fuck The Plan, Sell The man

GAY LIPS has dropped seven-track anthology ‘Fuck The Plan, Sell The Man’. Now it’s safe to say this E.P infuses a lot of diverse sounds and it’s rather on the strange side but that’s what makes it so compelling to listen too.

The duo channels their anger through their Pop-Punk mashup to create these insane pieces of music. Having pure fury pulsing throughout each track, they sure know how to make everything sound aggressive and chaotic.

It’s heavy and there’s a lot going on with many elements from sound, to vocals and the overall style. Each track has its own reason to stand out when talking about the instrumentation: you have the real Punk essence, the killer riffs on the guitar and the thunderous drum beats. The vocal ranges are incredibly raucous and have a rather harsh tone to them, straying to that high-pitched shriek in parts and amping up the pitch by the loud shouting.

The instrumentals are loud and insane and from the second the album starts you know exactly what these guys have to offer and if you’re a fan of rather peculiar and heavy music then this one’s for you.

Head on over to Spotify now to check out GAY LIPS EP Fuck The Plan, Sell The Man

Review by Karley Myall


Matthew W Charles releases Love What You Do Ft Andrew German

Artist Matthew W Charles has released his eight-track anthology ‘Love What You Do’, infusing the sound of Rock and Country intertwined.

Each track has its own uplifting energy pulsing through it, it’s a collection of songs that lift your spirits as you listen because of the amount of lively personality that flows through it. You have this mixture of two rather diverse genres, that sometimes may not always combine together in the best way, but this album proves just how superb it can really sound.

Using the harmonica to start off some pieces, to the strum on the electric guitar, the instrumentation reflects that Country style, but the way the vocals are approached gives off that Rock essence, they’re smooth but in places tending to have that more rough edge to them, having a rather loud tone to them, a really impressive album.

Listen to Matthew W Charles’s EP by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall