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Before you pull out your next dime to purchase a new punk/rock song, here’s what you should do to ensure you put your money to good use; make sure you cop for yourself a copy of ‘Tracks You Might Have Missed v1’.

‘Tracks You Might Have Missed v1’ is an incredible new punk, rock and alternative compilation album from an independent record label that’s known as Thumbhole Records. This album is a meticulously hand-vetted collection of dope songs from the best upcoming artists. The featured artists/bands on this album are basically those whom their genre of music isn’t far-fetched from the classy punk, rock band and some other alternative bands across the globe.

After many ratings and overview of music quality from the list of over hundreds of songs entries that were submitted via their open submission promotion, today, Thumbhole record finally released their first compilation album; ‘Tracks You Might Have Missed’ which has 20 great tracks in it.

Thumbhole Records really did a good job overall in picking quite an excellent song tracks for their first album compilation. With the level of quality work that’s been evidently seen from their first album one is left with nothing but to wonder how crazy their second best 20 song album compilation will be. Indeed this record label with their album compilation has helped good music bands to gain the global exposure they deserve and I commend them for that.

This album is filled with massive tracks from emerging bands including Dead Neck, Captain Trips, 5 Year Plan, Marigolds, Deathcaps, Hollow Heart and much more. All the 20 songs in this album are quite interesting and well produced.

If you’re a metalhead and love the vibe of audio inferno and the succinct transfixion that comes along with its spectacular sound, then the eleventh commandment you shouldn’t fail to keep is this: make sure you go get the album ‘Tracks You Might Have Missed v1’ from Thumbhole records.

Yeah if not for anything, do it for all its harmonious awesome metal sound that surely suspends both the mind and body in a wild trance.

This is a new ‘fresh-off-the-water’ music compilation of different amazing artists with good masterpiece singles that will surely leave you asking for more. It’s 1 pm here and I’m still my hands are still stuck on repeat on Captain Trips band’s ‘bottom of the river’.

Overall, the album ‘Tracks You Might Have Missed v1’ is an amazing album with 20 incredible song tracks from different up-and-coming music bands. I just can’t wait to see what’s gonna be added in the second album ‘Tracks You Might Have Missed v2’



Check Out Bad Saint’s Electrifying Song “Hanging On The Telephone”

Bad Saint is a solo project by Tess Freedel based in Seattle. What is so fascinating about this is that she composes all the parts of the song and has fellow musicians join her for performances and “Hanging on the Telephone,” is no exception. This girl knows what she wants and she not only shows this in the way she composes her music but also in her very straight forward, fresh lyrics. With a strong pop rock vibe and an element of punk rock thrown into the mix, this song is one of those that you will find yourself singing randomly throughout the day.

With a cool edgy vocal tone, crunchy guitar sounds and underlying synth sounds sustaining the foundation, all performed by Tess Freedel herself, “Hanging on the Telephone” is basically an explosion of vibrant sonorities brought together in a fascinating way. The vocal tone also gives the song its character and attitude and it is evident that all instrumental and vocal parts are performed with conviction and very confidently, proving that this girl is definitely ready to take over the music scene with her sparky and creative ideas and a very unique and clear artistic vision!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Paper Sweaters Bring Back The Dynamic Sound of Pop-Punk With “N L M B”

Paper Sweaters bring back the dynamic sound of Pop-Punk with their brand new single, NLBM.

The track immediately strikes for its amazing guitar tone. The overdrives are creamy, saturated and crunchy, going for a full on wall of sound that has a lot of character to it.

The drums come in full-on, going for a massive tone, immediately echoing the work of artists such as Blink-182, MxPx, or Green Day.

Paper Sweaters managed to create a song that feels authentic, direct and driven, a great return to the “less is more” philosophy, proving that a few simple elements in a mix can do wonders when it comes to create energy and momentum in a song. Paper Sweaters stay true to their melodic punk roots, with energy, vibrancy and melody, combined into one package.

The band has a special way to combine their passion for classic Pop-Punk with a more modern and personable approach, giving them a very distinctive sound and a unique formula.


Breath After Coma Releases Alternative Punk Track ‘I, The Animal’

Punk meets Alternative, Breath After Coma has a real tough persona, bringing an edgy style to rock, “I, The Animal” mediates between control and despair. The vocals disclose the frustration towards the catalyst of their repression, with the tumultuous electric guitar accompanying the recurring theme of pain, sending the dynamic of the track into an invigorating frenzy. Breath After Coma sets the scene from the get go by revealing, “A love affair between the primal and the supreme”, and what comes after is a striking touch to a forbidden relationship, and that is exactly what completes the perplexity in the track.

“I, The Animal” is a complex understanding, where Breath After Coma uses comparisons to the consequences of their actions that has become so erroneous. A parallel contrast to “raising hell” is symbolic to a self-affliction of guilt, yet what makes this idea so relatable is how the blame is shifted to their “supreme”. There is a sincere compassion through their performance, whilst the staggering beat supports the vicious guitar strum, there is a benevolent quality hidden between the lines. Breath After Coma proves they have the capacity to feel pain, whilst continuing to care, “You breed all needs like there’s still belief/I did my deeds and I raised hell/I fed your lights locked up my pride/Left all drained in this boy”.  “I, The Animal” invites us to witness a darker side to torment, a liberating relief from a complicated circumstance.

-Aly Mchugh


Slaves Supporters GENERATION Release Debut EP ‘Who Loves This Generation’

Anyone who misses high-energy rock being on top needs to open their ears and join the mayhem that is Generation. Off of their debut EP is I Like It, a track that doesn’t waste time letting you know what you’re in for and pulls you into a wild ride of quick, sloppy rock that sounds fresh out of your neighborhood’s finest garage. With some socio-political overtones borrowed from punk ancestry and just enough transduction on the vocals to add a lo-fi tinge, Generation doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel to know how to get it turning.

I Like It sounds like a leather jacket, and if that description alone doesn’t make you want to listen, you should be looking somewhere else for your music. This isn’t something meant for arenas or ballrooms, but ballroom bashes have made it further from more humble beginnings. It’s always wonderful to know that no matter how much technology changes and the industry evolves, there are always groups like Generation to remind us how fun music can be if we just remember to rock out once in a while. In other words…I like it.

-Paul Weyer

A&R Factory Present: Tenderhooks

Tenderhooks are a light hearted alternative rock band, embracing all areas of good music from blues to soul to jazz, bringing enriching tendencies to the musical table. Markus Leinweber the lead singer, and musical connoisseur for the keyboard and saxophone is the band’s chief personality, a quintessential British façade, whilst Benassi the lead guitarist, Paul Wheeler the guitarist, Phil Macnamara the bassist, Alex Marino on the drums and Nick Kreel the keyboardist all are vital pieces to the Tenderhooks puzzle, making the band complete in every shape and form. After releasing their forth album Loving Sword they have released a pragmatic music video for their first single from the album Brighton is Falling, revealing a genuine side to British life, portraying the artists on a corporeal level rather than superficial frenzy. Climbing to success, Tenderhooks have released their third music video ‘Blue Sky Train’ and are recording for the new album at the Metway Studios in Brighton.
Tenderhooks kickstarts a series of episodes with ‘Brighton is Falling’, creating a backstory to their music, which ultimately sets the unique band aside from their competitors in the indie-rock scene. Lead singer Markus Leinweber takes charge of the song with a traditionally British rock and roll attitude with similarities to the likes of Jamie T. The whole song builds up a lively atmosphere with an upbeat melody throughout, accompanied by a chirpy rhythm on the keyboards and a bouncing beat surrendering a vivacious ambience by the bassist and guitarist. Leinweber devilishly throws himself into the heart of the music by displaying a passionate performance, and this persuades the audience to join in the enthusiastic environment.

Each distinct episode thereafter contributes to the exclusive experience Tenderhooks have to offer. ‘Curtain Twitcher’ exhibits relaxed indie vibes, where ‘Blue Sky Train’ embraces the quality of jazz music. The slow-paced drumming and soft harmonizing vocals of ‘Curtain Twitcher’ recalls the guising complexion of the likes of The Beatles and Courteeners. The song’s anaemic structure recreates a summery complexity, extracting high spirits from the track through care-free grace rather than a troubled fixation that belongs to the alternative rock scene.

What makes ‘Blue Sky Train’ a fresh alternative to the Tenderhooks sound is the affectionate impression the idyllic saxophone marks on their listeners. We become lost in the charming mystery, where Leinweber’s kindred vocals and the jaunty instrumentals transforms the atmosphere into a celestial state. The band refashions a 1960s-school disco setting, almost like a scene from Grease, exploring all jovial concepts of a national pride in brass music. A combination of benign rock and old school blues, Tenderhooks comprises of inspirations from Madness, Ian Dury and Ray Charles, forming a complete feel good attitude to alternative rock.

Throughout all three episodes of Brighton Is Falling, Tenderhooks lights a spark in a classically British sound, reviving the true sound of rock and roll. They add comedy to each episode, and by humourizing British culture, they reveal the side of music which isn’t as glamorous as it may seem. From exposing the hard truths of signing to a record label, to dodgy gangsters and even making a joke out of Brighton hipsters, Tenderhooks are realists and that is what fascinates their listeners. The combination of indie-pop, jazz and rock and roll is a canny technique which shares both old school British rock and new age alternative-indie. Tenderhooks are as bold as ever with their attitude to rock music, and that is what the rock scene needs, an invigorating stance on music culture.

Words By Aly Mchugh



A&R Factory Present: The Great Malarkey

There are quite a few folk, punk, and blues acts in the independent scene. There aren’t very many bands that combine all three of those influences in a fascinatingly coherent and eclectic way, however, and that’s what The Great Malarkey strives to do. The bizarre London-based outfit is preparing to release their sophomore studio endeavor, an album entitled ‘Doghouse.’ In anticipation of the full release, the band has dropped the first song off the record, ‘Duck n Dive.’

Duck n Dive’ may be one of the most surprisingly brilliant songs to come across my desk in months. At times, the song sounds like it’s bleeding out into the street from Preservation Hall in New Orleans. Then, moments later, the tune sounds like a Paul Butterfield song before morphing again into Tom Waits’ ‘Rain Dogs.’ There isn’t a style of Americana-esque music that isn’t melded beautifully into ‘Duck n Dive.

Jam-packing a song with that much sonic influence could easily go awry, but The Great Malarkey has exceptional chemistry. The production quality of the single is superb. It’s cleanly produced and sounds beautiful, but maintains a very loose atmosphere, as if it was recorded with a handful of well-placed room microphones. The comradery of the performers, which is especially present in the opening of the song, makes it completely and utterly infectious to listen to.

Lyrically, the song is chock-full of blues and folk influence, a rambunctious blend of Chicago and delta blues that’s further layered with several generations of folk music. When the growly male vocalist comes into the song toward the tune’s halfway point, The Great Malarkey harness Tom Waits in his prime, as if ‘Duck n Dive’ is a song off ‘Swordfishtrombones’ or ‘Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards.’

To add a cherry atop the cake, there is a very punk mentality to this performance. It’s complex and layered, but has an undying aura of levity. There isn’t an ounce of pretension in this music, which is a lovely change of pace for a critic like myself that digs into intensely pretentious “folk” acts on a daily basis.

Duck n Dive’ is one of the most joyfully fun and lovable singles to come out thus far this year in the indie scene. It should put ‘Doghouse’ near the top of your list of records to check out in the community this year.

Words By Brett David Stewart

A&R Factory Present: FALSE HEADS

Having been hailed by Iggy Pop as one of his favourite bands of the moment, declared “the future of rock n’ roll” by ex-Ramones manager Danny Fields, signed up by The Libertines drummer Gary Powell to his 25 Hour Convenience Store label, given Pete Townsend’s studio to record in, and named as one of their tips for 2017 by both Fred Perry Subculture and This Feeling, it’s fair to say that there’s a hell of a buzz swirling around the young East London trio False Heads right now.

The Independent, NME, Clash Magazine, Q Magazine, Artrocker, Drowned In Sound, BBC 6Music, Radio X, Kerrang Radio (where the band were playlisted), and BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens have also all waded in with support and praise for the trio’s delinquent, punk-driven assault, that finds them caught somewhere between the early grunge of Foo Fighters, the infectious songwriting of Pixies, and the snotty punk attitude of The Buzzcocks.

Following their remarkable ‘Thick Skin’ and ‘Weigh In’ single releases in 2016, False Heads went on to perform at The Roundhouse in London for the Punk Weekender event, played an acclaimed set at Camden Rocks festival, live sessions for BBC Introducing and Radio X, and were even interviewed by The New York Times. Meanwhile their avid fanbase continues to grow as the excitement around the trio builds.

False Heads will now return in 2017 with their ‘Gutter Press’ EP, featuring a string of hard-hitting tracks, including Iggy Pop favourite ‘Slew’, and two stellar new tracks ‘Twenty Nothing’ and ‘Comfort Consumption’.

The new EP delivers five tracks that capture False Heads perfect riot of energetic, leering bawdiness, and set a huge marker for a band whose remarkable rise is seemingly unstoppable. With their frenetic live shows taking on a life of their own, False Heads have also announced their first dates of 2017, with select shows across this February and March.
False Heads ‘Gutter Press’ EP will be released through 25 Hour Convenience Store on March 10th 2017. The band have also partnered with Pledge Music on the new release, with exclusive signed pre-orders on vinyl and CD, along with other merchandise, available from HERE now.


23 Feb – MANCHESTER – Dive NQ

24 Feb – LEEDS – Milo Bar

25 Feb – SHEFFIELD – The Rocking Chair

11 Mar – LONDON – Nambucca

17 Mar – BRIGHTON – Bleach



A&R Factory Present: False Heads

The past few months have seen the ‘Godfather of punk’ himself, Iggy Pop, singing the young trio’s praises and name-checking them along Sleaford Mods and Skepta as one of his favourite artists right now (“These kids make a lot of noise. I like it!”). After being blown away by their live show, Ex-Ramones manager Danny Fields excitedly declared the band as “the future of rock n’ roll”, while The Libertines’ Gary Powell quickly signed up the young upstarts to his 25 Hour Convenience Store label.

NME, Clash Magazine, Q Magazine, Artrocker, Drowned In Sound, 6Music, Radio X and BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens have also all waded in with support and praise for the trio’s delinquent, punk-driven assault, that finds themselves caught somewhere between the early grunge of Foo Fighters, the infectious songwriting of Pixies, and the snotty punk attitude of The Buzzcocks.

Following two early DIY EP releases (‘Tunnel Vision’ and ‘Wear and Tear’), False Heads were invited in to Pete Townsend’s studio earlier this spring to cut a series of new tracks, and ‘Thick Skin’ is the first single to emerge from those sessions – a perfect riot of energetic, leering bawdiness that is released on July 1st, and sets another huge marker for a band whose remarkable rise is seemingly unstoppable. ‘Thick Skin’ is released through 25 Hour Convenience Store on July 1st 2016, available from all good digital stores. False Heads have also announced a series of new live dates in their hometown, including a performance at the Camden Rocks festival in June, and at The Roundhouse this July to celebrate 40 years of punk.

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