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Indie hip-hop icon-in-the-making Ramey laid down more introspective gold in his melodic hit, Regrets

‘Regrets’ is the latest indie hip-hop earworm from Birmingham, Alabama-hailing singer-songwriter and producer Ramey, which has all the fixtures of a new wave country hip-hop playlist staple.

The melodically angular indie guitars around the slow and steady self-produced beats are a testament to Ramey’s ability to complement his dynamic rap flow with seamlessly synergistic beats for an evocatively immersive listening experience.

Using pop and contemporary hip-hop elements to light a fire under a distinctive brand of country ambience, the 26-year-old hasn’t failed to carve out a niche and thrive within it. In 2017, he blew up through his covers of Post Malone and Blackbear, amassing over half a million streams on SoundCloud in the process.

After the release of Regrets, Ramey has another clear shot at going viral. The only conceivable complaint is that the short and sweet hit that stands in defiance of sticking by actions despite consequences isn’t longer. Although, that’s all the more reason to check out the rest of his discography to tap into more mindfully witty introspective gold.

Regrets will be available to stream on Spotify & Apple Music via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Klo transcends the ‘Small Town’ mentality in his latest alt-indie track.

There’s nothing like small towns for dragging us down; anyone relating to that sentiment will undoubtedly find the resonance in Klo’s latest single, Small Town, produced by Splashgvng.

With reminiscence to Lil Peep in the melodies and vocals, Small Town is instantly familiar but Klo easily sets himself with the quintessentially Midwestern indie vibes which allow Small Town to unravel like an accordantly candid dream.

The single grooves through every consideration when it comes to cutting the ties with our hometown roots – the suffocation imparted by small-town mentalities to the faces that we will regret leaving behind. It’s a gorgeously well-rounded track that proves Klo is well worth a spot on your radar.

Small Town is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Marc Lucid takes us back to the 90s era of downtempo RnB with, ‘Bout This’, featuring Rockie Fresh

Under the influence of 90s hip hop and RnB, up and coming Upstate New York-residing hip hop artist Marc Lucid released his debut album, Jungle Rulez, on June 15th. The lead track, Bout This, featuring the luminary rap artist Rockie Fresh is the perfect introduction to Marc Lucid’s smoothly hazy style of down tempo hip hop.

Any fans of Post Malone, Mac Miller and Tyler, the Creator will appreciate the soul-infusion in the mellow trap mix that candidly explores Marc Lucid’s introspection when it comes to everyday malaise. The soundscape gets a kick of energy when Rockie Fresh’s fiery rap bars hit full flow, but Lucid’s hazy stoner vibes are just as evocative in their own right.

Check out Marc Lucid’s album Jungle Rulez on apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Daniel Henry blurs genre boundaries in his latest anthemic release, Circles.

Indie pop-rock earworms don’t get much juicer than Daniel Henry’s latest single, ‘Circles’, which completely blurs the line between contemporary alt hip hop and pop-punk.

The Oman, Middle East-born, Dallas-based artist evaded formal music education but has no problem formulating mind-bendingly infectious choruses and catchy hooks, such as the ones that will ensnare you in his latest up-vibe hit. Daniel Henry takes influence from the likes of Shinedown, Blink 182, Machine Gun Kelly and Post Malone, but nothing in Circles feels assimilative – despite the swathes of genre-bending music that has hit the airwaves in recent years.

The lyrics may be delivered with a stinging antagonistic tone, but the feel-good factor in this radio-ready single has been turned up to 11. So, if you’re looking to vent your frustration that comes through cyclical torment, hit play.

Circles is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Pick out the meta poetry in Donte Letang’s hip hop single, ‘My Love’.

For indie RnB fans, Donte Letang’s standout single, ‘My Love’, has all the makings of a playlist staple. Dreamy acoustic guitar, check. Humbly magnetic vocals, check. Smooth instrumentals that immediately feel like home, check.

There are a fair few reminiscences to Timberlake’s Cry Me a River, or more contemporarily, Post Malone’s evocative hip-pop style, but with the precision of the lyrical hooks, Donte Letang is well and truly in a league of his own. It’s the kind of track that you could listen to for the 100th time and still pick out new meta poetry. My Love is gritty urban gravitas at its finest.

You can check out My Love for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Doe Dillinger offers resilience in their adrenalizing indie trap track ‘Falling Down’

Breaking hip hop artist, Doe Dillinger, is riding their own wave in their trappy indie rap track ‘Falling Down’. If it’s been a while since you’ve been blown away by a phenomenal up and coming artist, hit play.

Their sound carries plenty of appeal for fans of Post Malone and Yelawolf yet, Dillinger was even more experimental with their instrumentals by allowing them to carry the same cutting air as the guitars in Interpol’s Turn on the Bright Lights album along with other post-rock nuances.

It’s tracks like Falling Down that make genres seem utterly irrelevant in 2021. With Dillinger’s tendency to create without constraint, there’s no telling what kind of adrenalizing alchemy you’ll be falling into with their tracks. Falling Down is the perfect ‘high-vibe’ hit for anyone who knows how hard it can be to pick themselves up and find the faith and resilience to carry on, all while unfolding as a dominantly electric hit.

Check out the official music video that launched on March 6th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mookie helps us ‘Through it All’ with his deeply compassionate pop trap single.

Up and coming artist, Mookie, started out as an EDM producer, but if his latest pop trap single ‘Through it All’ is anything to go by, it would have been criminal to carry on leaving his melodies unpaired with his unfiltered heartfelt lyrics.

If lyrics as raw as ‘sometimes I get emotional but it’s all I have’ don’t leave a lump in your throat, you can safely assume that your soul checked out a while ago.

Lockdown may have inspired plenty of uninspired songs, but Mookie adds a unique voice to the conversation which allows you to see the beauty in the sadness. Through it All may have come from a place of deep isolation and longing for normality, but it’s impossible not to let yourself be consoled by Mookie’s sweetly affectionate slightly reverb-tinged vocals as they run in synergy by the deftly mastered beats..

Any fans of Lil Peep, Lil Xan or Juice Wrld will want to make room on their playlists for Through it All which is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

That burning smoke: Dark-pop singer-songwriter Edd Ward drops real song about how ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’

Edd Ward is back and this time he sings with so much real vividness about the horrific and seemingly endless fires in LA on ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding‘.

Etibar Gangur aka Edd Ward, is a record producer, singer-songwriter and evolving creative who started making music three years ago in his Aunt’s basement. Making music has helped Edd to get through personal issues as his depression was getting really bad at one stage. Keeping busy and creative has saved his life and the results are easy to see now as the hard work has certainly paid off.

With the legendary producer Benny Blanco assisting with the writing on this new track, the sky is the limit for this talented artist who is only getting better and better all the time.

He sings with such meaning and soul, the new school singer/rap style is brought forth with a Post Malone kind of tone that takes us for a plane ride over these terrible fires, They never seem to end and something needs to be done about it as it can’t carry on. So much has been damaged and burnt forever which is really upsetting this young musician. The feeling of being pushed to the ground while no one is really listening, is tough to bare and change has to happen with more songs like this.

Hollywood’s Bleeding‘ from the multi-skilled Edd Ward is a deep track about life and how things don’t make sense sometimes. When things are obvious to the eye and nothing seems to happen, frustration can boil over.

With a real talented for music and an introspective look inside the fireball, this is the type of song that makes other notice that things need to be better.

Hear this quality new single via Soundcloud and hear more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

BermudaCal serves a perfect slice of old school mellow hip hop with “Smoke In My Eyes”

Kicking off with smooth, mellow piano and jazzy saxophone before dropping in the hi-hat beats, BermudaCal’s “Smoke In My Eyes” is a perfect slice of old school mellow hip hop with lashings of smooth soul, jazzy stylings, and hints of old school R’n’B.

Melodic, complex, and perfectly driven without being brash, “Smoke In My Eyes” fuses BermudaCal’s jazz background, modern UK Garage, and rap with Cal’s saxophone prowess and lyrical grooves, blending Mac Miller with Post Malone and Frank Ocean to create a unique, old-style-yet-brand-new whole. Chilled, sexual, and beautiful, mellow yet never lacking in energy, “Smoke In My Eyes” could grace a hundred smooth-grooves compilations and sophisticated dinner party backgrounds this autumn.

Check out “Smoke In My Eyes” on Spotify.

Review by Alex Holmes

Trap Meets Alt Rock in Hazy’s Melodically Entrancing Indie Hip Hop Track “Thousand Suns”

Usually, you need to choose between atmospheric mesmerism and melodic entrancement when it comes to Indie Hip Hop, but with up and coming artist Hazy’s latest release “Thousand Suns”, you’re treated to both in equal measure.

The Alt Hip Hop track sweeps across an emotional smorgasbord in Thousand Suns which starts as a slow meandering entry into the captivating hit which unravels through the perfect blend of Trap, Pop and Alt Rock. If you thought that Linkin Park’s contribution to Hip Hop was evocative, you may need to strap yourselves in for an emotional bruising. The sincerity stings and the lyrics are practically meta poetry.

You can check out Hazy’s latest single Thousand Suns via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast