Can You Help Me: PsychoStar scours deeper for salvation on Awful Kind

Lacerated sharply from the 5-track Enigmatic EP, PsychoStar sends us into a horror-like disposition which shall tear the hair from most arms with an eerie single to shock many cores into a ghost-like world on the brand new visuals for Awful Kind.

PsychoStar is a Phoenix, Arizona-based A51A/BloodFang Records-fused rock band who are the kind of act that summon spirits from the underground and are a forceful outfit that rattles poisonous snakes into submission.

With an abundance of heavy tones to cut nails down to the bone, PsychoStar has brought something different to the plateau to ravenously munch on without a fork. This is the type of song which will put chills on spines and break delicate hearts into tiny pieces.

Awful Kind from Phoenix, Arizona-based rock band PsychoStar is possibly one of the most fierce tracks made so far in 2023. There is a dark energy at play here which will fascinate some and scare many. Conquering all ears with a tremendously hectic single which will shock plugs into a frazzled state and get hearts beating faster, to add an extra blanket of anxiousness to frazzled souls.

If you like music with a knife-like edge, this will certainly hypnotise those who like scary juice at 3 am.

Check out this movie-like music video on YouTube.

See more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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