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Philadelphia RnB artist FEAT waited for that special touch on ‘This Time’

Reminiscing on the moment when he realized that he wasn’t enough after giving his whole soul to something that just didn’t materialize, FEAT sends us into a whole new world of intrigue about that fleeting love that vanished into the wind on ‘This Time‘.

FEAT is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie RnB singer-songwriter and actor who is one of those naturally creative souls who uses all of his talents to incredible effect.

Feat is most known for his sensual, tasteful, original, and radiant music that floods the souls of humanity with fascination, ecstasy, and hard truths.” ~ FEAT

Leading us into a cinematic experience that shall awaken all of your previously fatigued senses, FEAT is on top form here with a window-shaking single – that is sadly relevant in this frigid world – to all those romantics who have ever felt the cold wrath of someone inconsiderate, who let you go when you wanted to be with them so badly.

This Time‘ from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based actor and indie RnB singer-songwriter FEAT, is an ear-warming track from one of the most prolific artists around. He sings with such majestic brilliance and sends us a postcard from his heart, that has taken a trip away to heal up after being let down by an individual who he thought would be around forever. With a vocal ability that could send the hairs on your arms to shiver in delight, this is a memorable single from an RnB artist who is certainly going places.

Hear this delightful single about lost love on Spotify and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

North Carolina rapper JIRI shows us why his card has weight with ‘Hol Up, Wait’

Showing us his hustler mentality and the win-at-all-costs attitude that is the follow-up to the sensational ‘No Excuses(prod. Cedes), JIRI slides the bottle on the table and looks after the crew just the way he said he would on ‘Hol Up, Wait‘.

JIRI is a Reading, Pennsylvania-born, Raleigh, North Carolina-based indie Hip hop artist who shows the world what a new school rapper should sound like.

While in high school, he began flooding his school with mixtapes and singles made from his childhood bedroom, off a PS3 headset.” ~ JIRI

After losing himself for a while as he looked inside his soul while slowly finding that fight that has taken him into a whole new level of success, JIRI sends us into a revived galaxy that is quite impressive and is full of that street smarts which will teach us how to keep that perspective alive with opportunities.

Hol Up, Wait‘ from the Raleigh, North Carolina-based indie Hip hop solo artist JIRI, is the kind of single that takes you into the world of someone who is on a mission to pad that paper so high, it will never ever run out. After going through the motions recently he stepped up into the right gear and shows us his crisp raps with a new single that will have you gazing onto the streets. Making sure that you are winning now, is the best way to keep that bank balance tight so you can conquer all of those goals you have manifested into the universe.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and check up the socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dickson City’s Andrew Yurkanin doesn’t feel good today on ‘Sad Robot’

Released from his 12-track ‘Connect The Dots‘ album from September 2021, Andrew Yurkanin brings us a true story about letting someone inside who played you like a fool on ‘Sad Robot‘.

Andrew Yurkanin is a Dickson City, Pennsylvania-based indie electronic/rock artist and multi-instrumentalist who ravishes our heartbroken souls with his unique emotion-driven orchestral productions that are quite scintillating.

His desire to gain more knowledge and experience sparked him to study the art of music production and music recording technology. This is where his creativity in writing became evident, and was the catalyst for him to use his determination, resolve, and compassion, to which listeners are drawn, expressing himself through his compositions.” ~ Andrew Yurkanin

Showing us his world-class quality with a marvellous track that simmers throughout your mind as you imagine that feeling of betrayal, Andrew Yurkanin stuns with a truly outstanding display that rattles your senses to a traumatic place where you know you need to move on from.

Sad Robot‘ from Dickson City, Pennsylvania-based indie electronic/rock artist and highly impressive multi-instrumentalist Andrew Yurkanin, is a track that is absolutely superb and belongs in a Hollywood movie of the highest quality. The deepness of this single is rather special and gets you in a highly reflective mood. The energy is one of sadness as to why someone you loved – would take your heart for a searing spin into a washing machine – when you opened the door and thought they would be that kind soul who loved you.

Sometimes people change their stripes, as you pick up the pieces and heal your precious heart to love again.

Listen to this new single on Soundcloud and see more of his life via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What I Tell Myself: Brandon Tuzio returns with new pop-fueled single ‘Resume’

Released off his brand new 11-track album ‘Violet Carpet Walk‘, Brandon Tuzio is back with a catchy new track that will have you looking outside into the world so reflectively on ‘Resume‘.

Brandon Tuzio is an Asbury Park, New Jersey-born, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie-pop artist, Berklee College of Music graduate and composer.

I have folders full of untitled tracks never completed. I needed to clear some of it out of my brain, so I revisited some from the last decade and attempted to make a complete album.” ~ Brandon Tuzio

Bringing us a peaceful melody that is undoubtedly perfect for listening to at the beach as you stare lovingly at the calming ocean, Brandon Tuzio shows us that keeping things simple is actually the best way to stimulate the mind into unlocking all those important ideas that have been hiding away for all these years.

Resume‘ from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie-pop artist and composer Brandon Tuzio, is a pleasant single that is minimal on lyrics which suits us just fine. The world is so complicated anyway and this is a reminder that we need to use our minds more and rely on overconsuming less, as that is the only way to clear the mind up from all the useless information we have picked up inadvertently.

Life is all about getting that complete picture after all, just like Brandon has done by getting all his creativity out to help his own soul keep burning with freshness.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Clue: Ajarr wonders where he is actually headed on his over-thinking journey with ‘Psycho’

As he senses that his subconscious is proceeding to places he is actually scared of, Ajarr wishes that his memories weren’t so fuzzy with this new fast-paced single all about obtaining your coveted path again on ‘Psycho‘.

Raja Naveed aka Ajarr is a 17-year old Pennsylvania-based alt-trap/hyperdrill bedroom solo artist and music producer who has been inspired lately to really find a new outlet of creativity during these harrowing times of doom.

I started making music in May of 2021 with no prior experience in music at all, and do my own songwriting, mixing and recording (in my bedroom). Other than producing beats, I do all of my own music production, and hope to learn beat-making eventually (so I can make fully independent songs).” ~ Ajarr

Ajarr bestows us his promising talents with a super track that takes you to a place you have thought about too many times, as your consciousness starts to tip over and you feel like you are in a different atmosphere.

Psycho‘ from the youthful alt-trap/hyperdrill bedroom solo artist Pennsylvania-based artist Ajarr, is a tight-roped track all about questioning where you are actually going to end up next in your over-stimulated mind that needs some yoga to get back to your much-needed zen. On a sizzling beat that keeps us all thoroughly entertained the whole way through, this is a warning to all those out there – that have been feeling like they are the only ones going a bit dizzy – from all the strangeness that has been going on in the world over the past two years. Keeping that valuable mind sane, is the only way to survive the apocalypse.

Hear this superb new single on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Go Hard: Infinity Dragon has that party flowing in his veins on ‘Wild And Free’ (feat. Uptown Dev)

With a spark-filled perspective and with an eye to that pretty girl who is at the club, Infinity Dragon releases his high-energy new single that will have you ready to get out to your favourite local on ‘Wild And Free(feat. Uptown Dev).

Infinity Dragon is a profoundly proficient Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie hip-hop solo artist, poet, writer and music producer.

Through music and poetry, Infinity Dragon weaves magical stories. Music influences are Sade, British artist Imogen Heap, Michael Jackson, and Prince.” ~ Infinity Dragon

Infinity Dragon is breathless on this supremely engaging performance that is stuffed with bar-ripping flows that are quite the sight to behold. Backed up with the smoothly pleasing display from Uptown Dev, this is a statement track about getting back into the swing of things no matter what.

Wild And Free(feat. Uptown Dev) from the pulsating Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper, music producer and published poet/writer Infinity Dragon, is a party-packed track that has a grimy feel to it and makes you feel like venturing outside again to see the world. The raps are ravishing and with a beat that has you nodding your head, this is a song to play as you pull up the bright lights where much temptation is inside.

See this bass-busting music video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Should Have Listened: Riodine leads us into the harrowing tale of the ‘Judge’ (feat. Neomatik)

Judge (featuring Neomatik) by Riodine

Fusing hip-hop and rock into a concoction that just tastes fantastic in our thirsty palates, Riodine brings us the legend of the unjust day when the truth subsequently came out on ‘Judge(feat. Neomatik).

Riodine is a Russian-American Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-born, Staten Island, New York-based indie rock solo artist.

Featuring members of Neomatik, Riodine brings a large ensemble to this rap giving this track a party feel. If you can imagine the Beastie Boys teaming up with Biz Markie, then you would have Judge. This offering revolves around the theme of breaking the law and standing before the Judge awaiting sentencing.” ~ Riodine

Riodine and Neomatik are quite splendid collectively on this your-time-is-up track that crashes your attention to a sudden halt, as you clutch the volume button and up it to a level that has you acknowledging such a glorious effort. This is the tale about seeing the warning signs and making sure that you don’t fall into the same trap, as this old friend who is in huge difficulty.

Judge (feat. Neomatik) from the well-versed Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-born, Staten Island, New York-based indie rock artist Riodine, is a terrific fusion of speaker-hugging sounds that takes you into a painting that has been so eloquently projected. The time has come to speak and the story keeps on evolving, as the sweat starts fermenting and you worry what the consequence will be. Made with an ode to the legends of before who have tried this tasty mixture before, this is a highly memorable effort that will get you moving and grooving all evening long.

Check out this smartly-crafted new release on Bandcamp and see more of the energy via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rising Upwards: LOGUIDICE takes her invigorating music to a whole new level on ‘Elevators’

Armed with her inner self-belief which has been entrenched and ever-growing into her curious mindset since she was just 8 years-old as she drops her debut EP called ‘One‘, LOGUIDICE sounds like she knows exactly which floor is right for her soul to land on with ‘Elevators‘.

Maria Loguidice aka LOGUIDICE, is a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-born, Los Angeles-based indie Pop/RnB singer-songwriter, pianist and Berklee College of Music graduate.

This twenty-something year old has finally found her sound through all of her heartaches and heartbreaks.” ~ LOGUIDICE

After her gorgeously projected ‘Hope This Helps EP‘ from 2020, it certainly feels like LOGUIDICE is always looking to evolve and climb up her vitally important concious road to a better path inside her admirably sensitive heart. This is another step upwards for an wildly talented and impressively hard-working artist who is truly improving after each release – as she sings with such freedom – while delighting us through succulent vocals and naturally penned lyrics – that are soaked with meaning, that you can’t help but be uplifted by.

Elevators‘ from the exhilarating Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-born, LA-based Pop/RnB vocalist LOGUIDICE, is a real statement from a young woman who is tired of being messed around and skipping around for someone who isn’t worth it. She sounds ready to be who she wants to be now, and sings with an inspiring aura that is Queen-like and utterly scintillating.

On a sensationally desirable beat and with such breathlessly entrancing energy flowing through into our wind-swept speakers, this is a special track from an spiritually enlightened artist who is only going one direction now. Upwards.

Hear this body-healing new single on her Spotify and see her socials via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Worst Is Yet To Come: Sarah Halter wonders how we will survive on ‘A Clockwork Destiny’

Following on from her memorable career in the well-respected underground Progressive/Alt-metal band called Blue Clutch, Sarah Halter returns with a ear-piercing solo fire-raging explosion which will have you shaking rapidly on ‘A Clockwork Destiny‘.

Sarah Halter is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based indie Alt-Metal singer-songwriter and music producer, who makes a viciously rampaging blend of high octane music that might scare many.

Drawing influence from progressive, alternative, symphonic, and death metal, Sarah Halter brings listeners a single with a fresh approach to dark songwriting inspired by apocalyptic themes, regret, and fleeting memories.” ~ Sarah Halter

You feel her magnetic energy flow up above into the lightning-struck clouds, as her bone-shuddering vocals smash all the nearby neighbors windows without fear. She sings so courageously and you sense her jaw clenching with utter determination throbbing from her veins – as she launches into a scintillating song – that will have all the fragile hairs on your body waking up to attention.

A Clockwork Destiny‘ from the electrically charged Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based indie Alt-Metal singer-songwriter and music producer Sarah Halter, is a swirling blend of dark tones that combines to shake all the vital senses back into your hungry soul. In a world that is growing more and more ravenous by the day as possible dooms day approaches, this is that warning sign that should have your awakened eyes wide open again.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see her IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Halloween Remix: CPTime drops Chucky-filled ‘Let Us Out’ (feat. Pwo)

After being mostly known for his electric performances at Philadelphia 76ers games during halftime, CPTime chats to Chucky to see if he is coming out on the freaky new Halloween laced single ‘Let Us Out(feat. Pwo).

Cole Parkinson aka CPTime, is a Pottstown, Pennsylvania-based indie Hip-Hop artist who likes to promote clean lyrics, party vibes, sports and motivational messages in his music.

On a creepy hills beat that is so ominously projected like a scary face that has your attention – as you try and hide away from the easy-to-remember nightmare – this is a bass-filled effort that is thunderously delivered with much abandon. The bars slam down hard and are mask-filled and gives you a true sense that rugged underground Hip-Hop is still alive and kicking.

Let Us Out (feat. Pwo) from the Pottstown, Pennsylvania-based rapper CPTime, is a true message all about aiming high and slithering through to where you need to go. Rapped with a voodoo-mentality and filled full of skin-depleting heat, this is a full-blooded track packed with that I-don’t-play-around mindset. This is a perfect Halloween track if you want to scare the neighbors.

Hear this new sizzling track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen