Achey feels the relentless demons roaring inside his trembling veins on ‘Beast Boy’

Inspired by XXXTENTACION, Duwap Kaine and Young Thug, Achey drops his latest single which is from his brand new 10-track release and this one is called, ‘Beast Boy‘.

Achey (pronounced AhKey) is a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-born Hip hop artist who also fuses in punk rock and pop into many of his venomous productions that are crammed with honesty.

Achey did not find it difficult to stand out. Making music from a young age, having a unique fashion sense and a stand out personality.” ~ Achey

With his raw style that shall wrap you in a claw-clinging world that has evil eyes lurking at every corner, Achey has made a blood-soaked single which might have you feeling rather anxious and looking around to see if there is danger to deal with or if these thoughts shall soon pass.

Beast Boy‘ from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-born Hip hop artist Achey is an underground experience that is loaded with much intrigue and slices into your mind like a ravenous chef who isn’t messing around. There is an actual sense of damage on offer here by someone who is battling to extinguish the fire-breathing evil demons that are threatening to jeopardise his very existence. Rapped with a heavy style, this is a street-filled track that will bewilder many, or fascinate others.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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