The Old Days: Trent Beaver and The Damage bring us back to those distant memories on ‘Ramblin Kinda Man’

With his heart on the sleeve and the stories of his family still fresh in his mind, Trent Beaver and The Damage bring us the road-trip gem called ‘Ramblin Kinda Man‘.

Trent Beaver is an acclaimed acoustic pop/southern rock Pacific Northwest-based singer-songwriter from the famous music town of Muscle Shoals in Alabama, who sings with that gritty edge that makes him a true artist who sings from deep inside, where the memories are stored forever.

This is the story about remembering his old man’s life, the sadness is strewn all over his tremendous vocals as he shares how things where back in the day, when life was way more simple and the good times were plentiful.

The superb southern style is lathered all over this top quality single, as you get lost in the journey and start to drift away into the past, your mind racing as you remember when you were younger and you wish things could go back to these innocent days.

Ramblin Kinda Man‘ from the humble family man and BMX-lovin’ Pacific Northwest indie singer-songwriter Trent Beaver, is an ode to those days where the whole family was there as one, the tears now ring down for his Mamma who lost her man too soon.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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