Cat got your tongue: Orlando’s Yaqub Howell burns the fakes and moves onto the ‘Ballin’ mentality

Taken off his latest raw seven-track release called ‘Goat Talk II‘, Yaqub Howell shows us his stylish rhymes on the new single ‘Ballin‘.

Yaqub Howell is an emerging Orlando, Florida emcee who raps about real-life experiences surviving this world full of flashy fakes, that take what they can and don’t give anything back. He has moved on from worrying about those selfish former friends and only wants to build new bridges with like-minded humans, who are ready to work together as one.

With furiously flame-lit bars about been taken for a tame kitty cat when he is actually a wild lion, you can feel the pulsating energy filling his ever-growing bones, as this scissor-sharp song build up into a powerful mountain of strength, that can’t ever be underestimated.

His passionate flows streams rapidly through the gushing waterfall and quickly drowns out any fake haters that claimed to be real friends but are actually the devil in disguise.

Ballin‘ from flourishing Orlando rapper Yaqub Howell, is a strong statement to all those that casually spoke bad about him when first started out and have now flipped the switch, but have come when the lights are off and the party is over. He has gleefully moved onto bigger and better things, with the treacherous fools left smelling the dust-filled gas fumes.

That moment when you realize your value takes a while to come, but when it does, you know deep in your soul that those former friends that took your kindness for weakness, just don’t get it and never will. Real sees real eventually.

Stream this fine track here on his Spotify and follow his rise up on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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