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Ohio-based rapper Dooley knows that it’s going down on ‘Green Lantern’

After surviving the bullies and moving his philosophy onto a new path of what is actually possible if you believe in yourself enough, Dooley shows that dragon-like fire in his belly with the new single, ‘Green Lantern‘.

Dooley is a Cleveland, Ohio-based indie Hip hop artist who returns with the latest track off his new album, ‘Just Play My Shit‘.

Every person in my family made music or participated in an activity that involved music.” ~ Dooley

Sending our imagination into a whirlwind of emotions that can either make or break you, Dooley raps with a style that takes his perspective into a compelling world and it feels that he is only gaining that all-important momentum like a runaway train.

Green Lantern‘ from Cleveland, Ohio-based indie Hip hop artist Dooley, shows us a highly motivated artist who flows with a rugged intensity and does things his own way. This is the type of feet tapping track that is best to play when you need to take the next step, to move onto a new passage that is ultimately best for you, not anyone else.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ohio rapper BFA Flexx stays on his grind and inspires us all to reach higher on ‘My Mindset’

From seeing so many in his neighbourhood waste all the gifts given to them, BFA Flexx drops a track that should wake up millions in the world to slide swiftly off that couch and jump quickly into action right now on ‘My Mindset‘.

BFA Flexx is a Toledo, Ohio-based indie Hip hop artist who raps with a smooth flow and is always looking to develop upwards in his chosen craft.

BFA Flexx has always been the underdog, but he’s never minded setting the bar high and reaching for the stars.” ~ BFA Flexx

Gliding above the clouds and impressing with a confident display that has a memorable beat to truly have stuck in your head for hours, BFA Flexx shows us the way to elevate yourself from the smog of small-mindedness that can sadly suffocate so many into mediocrity forever.

My Mindset‘ from Toledo, Ohio-based indie Hip hop artist BFA Flexx, sends a real message to all those who have felt stuck and not sure of their actual capabilities. He tells the truth throughout and vows to keep his attitude right no matter what challenges, as he drowns out the voices in his head and stays in the zone with that hardworking outlook that we can all aspire to.

Listen up to the audio on YouTube and see more vibes on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ohio-based Gospel band Kenaniah Band show us their faith with new single, ‘Holy Is The Lord’

After writing, performing, and leading Worship together for more than twenty-five years, Kenaniah Band shows us what it means to be devoted no matter what on their new single about giving thanks on, ‘Holy Is The Lord‘.

Kenaniah Band is a Franklin, Ohio-based indie Christian/Gospel duo who perform with great love and show us faith-filled belief on each one of their inspirational releases.

Inspired by the story of Kenaniah in scripture, the name seemed a natural fit when it came time to release an album.” ~ Kenaniah Band

Taking us to a place that is so pure and filled with only optimism, Kenaniah Band is at their vibrant best with a Worship single that has undiluted intentions and takes your mind to a happier world where there is only peace and love.

Holy Is The Lord‘ from Franklin, Ohio-based indie Christian/Gospel duo Kenaniah Band, is an uplifting song to help others remember that giving up is never an option. If you have that belief and give your life to a cause that shall set you free from a life of confusion then it is all worth it. Performed with a spirited edge and featuring soaring vocals that take you to a higher place, this is a must-listen for anyone who is feeling rather lost in this often selfish world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No One from No Place directs us into that easily breakable fragility in our lives on ‘Looks Floating’

Dealing closely with the parody of life and death, in a rather cynical nature, No One from No Place tells us all the truth that many feel each day on his genuine new release, ‘Looks Floating‘.

No One from No Place is a Jim Vest-created Appalachian Hills, Ohio-based indie singer-songwriter music project that is made with superb animation that will take your breath away.

Some sort of cross between an Appalachian hillbilly, and the ghost of Ian Curtis.” ~ No One from No Place

Bringing us something so authentic and flowing with an articulate disposition that surges intrinsically like a calm river in springtime, No One from No Place sends us a real beauty to hug and cherish as we begin to understand that making sure our connections are genuine as possible to ensure that they hold on through the vicious storms of life.

Looks Floating‘ from Appalachian Hills, Ohio-based singer-songwriter No One from No Place is a really insightful single that has your thoughtful consciousness intrigued with a message all about knowing that we aren’t actually alone in this strange world. We are all actually suffering deep inside but if we can somehow keep our souls alive, we can indeed help humankind be a much better place.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Derek Cramer shows us the future though “Power of the Metaverse”

The Metaverse may give some people the fear and bring connotations of a cold new world that won’t allow us to touch grass; with his single, Power of the Metaverse, the Ohio-based alternative artist, Derek Cramer, has shown us its potential.

The 80s-inspired alt-rock hit has psychedelic undertones along with high-octane over-driven guitars while Cramer energetically attacks the lyrics that illustrate the freedom that metaverses can grant us. Cramer chose to focus on the positives of decentralization, digital connection and augmented reality, such as the potential for increased self-expression and community.

Those lyrics with such nostalgic rock tones almost feels like a paradox is aurally unravelling before you, and therein lies the sheer ingenuity of the release. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

Power of the Metaverse is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Not At This Rate: Ohio indie-pop band The Manatee Room wishes that they didn’t have that ‘Expensive Taste’

With a wandering eye that fantasises about that perfect time to make the move you undoubtedly crave, The Manatee Room hates that they are only interested in the rare ‘Expensive Taste‘.

The Manatee Room is a Columbus, Ohio-based indie-pop 3-piece band that makes that relevant music all about topics that we have all felt before in our lives. After being on an enforced hiatus since early 2020 due to this dreadful pandemic that has been lingering on for too long, they make a much-awaited return on their latest single.

The Manatee Room meshes angsty lyrics with addictive rhythmic melody.” ~ The Manatee Room

With a carefully crafted sound and insightful lyrics that have you feeling like you have perhaps missed the boat of romance, The Manatee Room brings us a single-person anthem that has you wondering if you will be able to connect wholeheartedly with someone who truly understands you authentically.

Expensive Taste‘ from the Columbus, Ohio-based indie-pop 3-piece band The Manatee Room, is that story about hoping that your special crushes notice you enough you pull in close and take your breath away. With so many closed doors and empty hearts around, this is the kind of song that will take you into an expectant place of brewing courtship. When you are into someone so much and the timing just seems off, the world can seem like a truly lonely place at times.

Hear this audio on YouTube and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Strong Ankles: Ohio rapper Kashi Jayy calls it how he sees it on bar-packed ’12 AM LONGWOOD DRIVE’

Taken off his new 9-track project called ‘Kashi Kruegerr 3‘, Kashi Jayy drops it real and straight up with his raw single all about stating his intentions with the world and what he envisions in the future on ‘12 AM LONGWOOD DRIVE‘.

Kashi Jayy is an underground Ohio, USA-based indie hip-hop artist who makes a different kind of music style to most as he seems to see life through a self-enlightened picture.

As he skillfully sparks one up to keep the thoughtful mind focused on the task at hand, you feel like Kashi Jayy is leading the way to a better life with just a pen and pad for company. With so much carnage outside and unnecessary drama draining our attention – this feels like the time to fully expand and take on exhilarating assignments – that are going to keep your mind alive as you find that path to true happiness.

12 AM LONGWOOD DRIVE‘ from the Ohio, USA-based indie rapper Kashi Jayy, is a top drawer track from an artist who has seen the way that so many people act when they see you doing well. He rips down the suffocating barriers that could hold him inside if he let them and shows a new mindset for us to truly look deeper inside, with a ruggedly pure display filled with honest lyrics that are so profound. This is the type of track to really immerse yourself into – as you keep the lights down low – to quietly work on your next project away from the tempting distractions outside.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Want Me To Worship You: Lyon Amor Brave urges all the ladies to trust their intuition on ‘Myself First’

Bringing us a vividly intriguing video that is so compellingly honest, Lyon Amor Brave shows us a self-image and beauty standard track we all need to experience on ‘Myself First‘.

Lyon Amor Brave aka LAB, is a Columbus, Ohio-based indie singer-songwriter, University of Akron graduate, pianist, guitarist and writer.

Myself First” is about self empowerment and self improvement and trusting your own inner voice about the voices in society, the media, school, teachers, even religious voices who pretend to speak for God”. ~ Lyon Amor Brave

With a ravishing rap style, provoking lyrics and a vocalist who tells the truth, we are soaked into a hair-brushing video which shows you how much effort so many put into their looks. Fooled by the false influences on all the different medias who put on a show to lie to millions, this is exactly the opposite of what young and impressionable eyes need to see.

You feel her true intentions come to the fore on this courageous art work – as she leads us into the process which can take many, many hours – and can consume your mind from what is actually the most important thing. Being the real you.

I put on a wolf mask as a visual representative of body dysmorphia, which is something many women struggle with. Many see themselves as ugly duckling when they are in fact swans and this can cause eating disorders.” ~ Lyon Amor Brave

Myself First‘ from the Columbus, Ohio-based indie singer-songwriter and multi-talented musician Lyon Amor Brave, is an inspirational story from a young woman who is expressing herself to the fullest here. She has seen so many young ladies damaging themselves – after getting sucked too deep into the fake social media world – and altering things about them that they don’t need to do. Sung and rapped with a real tender and loving care, this is a totally authentic artist who does what she feels is right to assist others.

Loving yourself and being the best version of you, is the way to that true self-enlightenment after all.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more via her Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Baroque Monody reaches the epitome of etherealism with their single, Plan 2021, feat Kellii Scott.

Plan 2021 (Feat. Kellii Scott) by Baroque Monody

Post-punk and symphonic metal converge in the darkened atmosphere of Baroque Monody’s latest single, Plan 2021, featuring percussionist Kellii Scott (Failure).

With Scott’s thrashing percussive flair, the heavy guitars and the etherealism of Jenifer Rose’s vocals as they emanate the same arcane allure of a 15th-century mystic, all of your senses will surrender to the sublimely-paced progressive furore in Plan 2021.

After making their debut in 2013, Baroque Monody has released two albums, and there is plenty more in the pipeline from the powerhouse duo. Save a spot on your radar.

Plan 2021 is available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Be Careful Who You Love: Chuck Gillispie Torn Rhythms Project knows that Mama was right on ‘What can a poor boy do?’

With a thought to the past and a painful wonder as to why school wasn’t taken more seriously before as you dig through the dirty change in your pocket, Chuck Gillispie Torn Rhythms Project know that the dead end job is all that you can do for now on ‘What can a poor boy do?‘.

Chuck Gillispie Torn Rhythms Project is an indie rock act based in Gahanna, Ohio. Lead by lead singer Chuck, this is an honest music experience all about putting out true stories that most of us can relate to.

Songwriter Chuck Gillispie started the “Torn Rhythms Project” in 2017 when he teamed up with long time band mate Tom Hale (Keyboards) and on May 25th of that year “Cry” was released. In late 2019 Chuck and Tom started writing and recording remotely, Chuck in Ohio and Tom in Virginia and with the addition of Mark Sammons on Guitar, Bass and vocals,
Edward Young on Guitars, Adam Grossman Drums & Jeff Speeks Drums.” ~ Chuck Gillispie Torn Rhythms Project

Made with a few young teens roaming the darkly-lit skate park, the gloomy visuals here completely matches the track and has your mind in a total spin. Either you have been in this moment or seen it from far, as you try and search for more than has been provided from circumstance.

This is a soulful track that has been performed with gritty vocals and experienced guitar work of the highest order, the story has you in the mood to look up the sky and wish for a shining star to guide to you to a better place than this. Being careful about who you love has added importance now – as the finances are razor tight – so you need someone who truly gets it and is willing to build a fruitful team with you.

What can a poor boy do?‘ from Chuck Gillispie Torn Rhythms Project, is the broke story about surviving and doing what you must to live. The job definitely doesn’t pay enough but you will do what you must – to stay alive and find that true purpose which is out there – this is a track to make you ponder your own existence in this rather odd world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen