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London-based singer Israel Nke is magnificent on ‘Moonlight’ ft Shakira

Nigerian-born singer Israel Nke is here with a fantastic Hop Hop soul single called ‘Moonlight‘ ft Shakira.

Moonlight‘ is about the pain of a loss, the depth of a split-second decision and the lasting effects. With beautiful piano sounds illuminating with some noises of the street, we are soon underway. From there there beat turns to reflective Hip Hop and mellow rap vocals that gets you in the mood.

After leaving his polygamous father in Nigeria, to a life on the streets and a term in prison, this all led to his eventual redemption as a singer-songwriter. This is the debut single is ‘Moonlight‘, a song that speaks about how a split-second can change everything.

London-based Israel Nke has found his way after a life that was close to the bottom. He has emerged from the onslaught and is happy inside. He is happy as he is making great music and spreading his message of never giving up despite the odds. A comeback is always something to support if the intentions are pure. ‘Moonlight‘ ft Shakira is a fine track that lights up 2020’s peace flag.

Stream here on Soundcloud to hear this great song.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nigeria’s Bibicentric rises up to deliver a modern day gem on ‘Monophobia’

Bibicentric aka Bibi is a sweet-voiced Nigerian singer who has just released the glorious gem that is ‘Monophobia‘.

Monophobia‘ is the debut EP to come from the Afro-soul artist with a voice that is transcendent. Rich with R&B vocals and cool jazz styles, ‘Monophobia‘ is sensual and laid-back with deep emotions and true stories from her life. ‘Monophobia‘ takes on love, both good and bad and also family life.

Working with bassist Godwinscat and producer General, with features from Obasax and Happy Quartet, the debut EP from Bibicentric is a deeply personal introduction to the fine R&B singer. She takes her chance and wins on this release. Her voice is so pure and you can feel the emotion when she sings.

There is very little swag here and she focuses on the music. This is a welcome addition to 2020 and the beauty flows over each song, much to my hearts content. After starting her music career at the tender age of 15, you can just hear that this is an artist who in the zone and ready to explode all over the world.

The highlights for me on the album is ‘What Love Feels Like‘, ‘Toxic‘ and ‘Mama’s Prayers‘. These three songs strike hot and are vibrantly sung. They fully showcase Bibi’s voice and dazzle the speakers. There are no bad songs on this EP however and everything is so well done.

Bibicentric impresses highly on ‘Monophobia‘. This is a fine EP that deserve lots of love globally due to her stunning voice and excellent production. Nigeria’s finest has just arrived to take over.

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Stream the new album here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

King Uche marks 2020 with powerful storytelling on Hip Hop’s ‘Crash’

King Uche is a Nigerian rapper who is back with his latest offering to the world on Hip Hop fused up to the max ‘Crash‘.

The vibe is a like cruising in a fly car while pulling up to the party after a crazy day. This is a quite intimidating beat that is an street Hip Hop beat that catches your attention and then end unexpectedly. A smart move as to get our fingers to click follow. This is a dope track that brings us some better music from this often watered down genre.

Alternating between Nigeria and Miami, King Uche is slowly building up a strong team and fans during his journey of discovery. This is an artist that truly believes that he can reach the very top of the game and I like this confidence.

King Uche’s ‘Crash’ is is a top notch Hip Hop track that is up there with the best. With stylish beats and flows like this, the future African King is going to be at a festival near you in 2021.

Stream this new flow-ride Hip Hop track here on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Bad Govament” is a powerful message from Nigerian singer LADe

There comes a time where you feel upset with what you see each day. You can either keep it inside or find a creative way to express your feelings. Music can be the difference between a good day and a bad one.

LADe is the stage name of Omolade Bisiriyu, a Nigerian singer-songwriter and producer. He made his name as an underground artist with the release of his first single ”Pause” back in 2018. LADe is currently signed to Naki Music and is an artist on the rise with his laid-back style and powerful lyrics. This is a man who is clearly frustrated with the current political landscape in his country.

LADe sings with passion as isn’t afraid to speak out on difficult issues. His music is relevant and big things are expected on the Nigerian music scene for this young artist. With a easy going style and dance hall influences, you feel like you are listening to a friend who is being totally honest with you. The production matches this artists dreams and this is a quality single for the tough times. ”Bad Govament” is a politically charged release that is built up from years of struggle in Nigeria and we hope that conditions improve quickly and everyone can live in peace through music.

Stream this song here on Spotify and check out his whole music collection.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LaiLaiTee reminds us to always have love ”On Your Mind”

Tokunbo Samuel aka LaiLaiTee is an Irish-Nigerian singer-songwriter and producer. Recently, he relocated to Johannesburg in South Africa to study and record music. LaiLaiTee describes his style of music as Afro-fusion and that’s exactly the vibe going there. It’s Africa to the core and I personally love it. Being South African born, this reminds me of some wild parties and music to bounce to while in the mini-bus taxi headed to work.

On Your Mind” is a well-produced song that is passionately delivered with outstanding vigor from a clearly talented artist. This is a man who knows what is wants and is finding out what is on her mind. He wants clarity and won’t stop until he has the answer. LaiLaiTee is currently in the City of Gold in South Africa where he will find the biggest music industry in Southern Africa. He has a big future and big things are set to come. You can feel his willingness to put in 100% and not expect anything given to him.

Stream this new track right here on Spotify.

Head to his Facebook page to get more info on future gigs.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Edge releases throwback classic ”Vice City Vibe – Sorry Sarah Couldn’t Really Call You”

This is one of the most intriguing songs of 2020. Born in Abuja, Nigeria, Edge has such a different style that makes you listen extra close to his vocals and he hits it out the park with ”Vice City Vibe – Sorry Sarah Couldn’t Really Call You”.

The Singer/Emcee based in Western Canada has a seductive voice, its so deep and has such mainstream appeal. I feel like I’m in a movie while listening to him, his flow is so consistent and I can’t help tapping my feet and wondering how I could get onto one of his music videos.

Edge has all the skills to impress any crowd as he just flows with such smooth professionalism, his voice captures a picture of cruising around in Vice City, rocking up to the best house party and following him into the VIP section. The intro to ”Vice City Vibe – Sorry Sarah Couldn’t Really Call You” is genuinely brilliant and has such an old school feel to it. Edge has created a perfect break away song to unwind and get the summer party going, this young artist is surely destined for big things. Sarah will surely forgive him, she knows he will call back.

Find this top track on SoundCloud and get the night started.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nigerian singer Pizzypresh shows his love with R&B single ‘’Baby Okwu’’

‘Pizzypresh’ is an African R&B singer from Nigeria that loves to sing but mainly focuses on the Afrobeat genre. He seems like a passionate guy who loves to be creative and perform his brand of music. 

‘’Baby Okwu’’ is a clear love song and Pizzy sure puts his heart or soul into this one. He has been in the music game since 2014 but has taken his time to gather his music together and then release it when ready.

With this type of R&B, I feel like this artist will be huge back home and in the US. He has a good voice and with some fine-tuning and more experience, he will go places. It would be great if Usher or Akon picked him up and developed this talent. 

‘’Pizzypresh’’ is a musician on the rise and we will see how he gets on with the rest of the year and if he can get that one huge breakout song.

Hear more from Nigeria’s Prizzy here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Songwriter Evih releases latest single ‘Love Stream’ with producer Gracefingers

With the quarantine transforming our lives into a coerced 24/7 indoor lifestyle, keeping us isolated and apart from family, friends and lovers, it often feels as if this Corona Virus pandemic is turning into a pointless battle.  However, according to Nigerian artist Evih, hope must not be lost and love can still be held tight.

To contrast this worldwide suffering, Evih released his new project ‘Love Stream’ on April 10th 2020.

‘Love Stream’ is a chill blend of afrobeats and pop, characterised by soft percussion and a melancholic sax melody that permeates the background, lending a characteristically smooth sound to his vocals and beats and making this song a must-have track in your chillout playlist.

”I’ve been waiting for you a long time”, “I can’t live without you”, are amongst the lines Evih sings to express the strains of the separation from loved ones, an almost eternal wait for this quarantine to end. You can tell that Evih believes in how love can heal, even  in the most daunting circumstances.

Maybe, we all should keep believing.

You can listen to Love Stream for yourself on SoundCloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.

Jason Nkanga releases latest album Redemption: A collection of insane beats and a whole load of energy

London-based Nigerian Rapper Jason Nkanga has released his newest seven-track anthology ‘Redemption’ a variety of different styles of Rap at it’s finest.

Each track has its own story to tell and it’s own overall style. Some are a lot more up-beat and some are a lot more soft and calm, it’s so intriguing to listen too when there’s more then just one particular kind of sound, it proves that Jason Nkanga is not afraid to offer diversity and be happy to have a mixture of tempos and overall styles.

Of course always having that lively atmosphere, which comes through in the beat behind the soothing vocals that come from Jason, it’s something that proves just how much Rap has developed in the genre itself, but not only that how musicians are applying their own twist to it and it sounding great.

Jason Nkanga has released something that is one to listen to if you’re into Rap and a real energetic sound.

Check out Jason Nkanga’s new album by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

Marenikae Releases ‘Smooth Operator’

The song “Smooth Operator” is a song that’s performed by a resilient songwriter that hails from the descendant of the West African country, somewhere in the far Nigeria. Marenikae whose song choice is majorly influenced by the poetry prowess of the likes of Alysia Harris and Jasmine Mans brought her A-game to put out this fierce enthralling sound that somewhat looks like the infusion of new wave Pop and afro sound; or maybe we should just call it ‘Afromerge’ to settle the score with no bias.

At First, this song got me hooked like “Oh what a fierce voice she’s got here, nice accent, but what’s that other language she mixes with her English?” It actually took me a while to figure out that the second language/slang she so proudly speaks is called Pidgin language. Pidgin is a language that’s predominantly spoken in Nigeria and in other neighbouring West African country like Ghana. In this song, you will hear words like “Ajebutter” and some other pidgin language lines which I quite struggled to understand.

Aside from the fact that this song comes off like a really strong and fierce unapologetic diva kind of song, its smooth delivery and apt ability to intermix those pidgin slangs in that whole song makes me love it.

The sound quality of Marenikae’s “Smooth Operator” further sealed the deal for me. We all have heard the Jamaican sound and also have seen how that Caribbean sound was able to penetrate into the global music industry, the same way, I feel like this kind of new sound should also be able to attain such feat too.

Overall, I like to think that this song is quite an interesting song although the sound is still new to me but I still definitely love every bit of it. It’s the type of song that makes you stand up and shake off some stress even when you clearly don’t fully understand what half of the lyrics is taking about.