Atari Pilot is back with the rock anthem ‘Wrong Captain’

Swindon’s indie pop band Atari Pilot are here with the new single that flows in called ‘Wrong Captain’.

After conquering cancer, this is an artist who knows what it is like to be down underwater. Now back in the music game, Atari Pilot fly through the storms on this fine new single.

“After coming through a battle with cancer I’ve never been more excited and grateful to be able to play and create music. it really feels like my best days are ahead. I had such amazing support during my illness from so many people it was really humbling. I feel like I’m on a mission To spread a positive energy and message to as many people as I can.”

Wrong Captain’ is about making sure that you go with the right captain in the world. If you choose the wrong one then you could be in trouble and sink far under the seas. Atari Pilot swirl in with a fab song that is sure to inspire the world.

Stream here on Spotify for more.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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