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New York-based Jon Davis sings his heart out on ‘You Will Be Loved’

You Will Be Loved‘ is the brand new release from the quality New York-based singer-songwriter Jon Davis.

Jon Davis was born on a Hopi Indian reservation in Tuba City, Arizona and moved to Colorado when he was 2. This unique early perspective of the world lead him to begin singing at the age of 5, cultivating a love of being creative. In 2017, Jon Davis reentered the music industry in New York City. He signed his first production deal leading to his debut performance of entirely original material at Triad Theater.

This is all about being loved by those close to you and to enjoy life. Keeping secrets and running away will not help you long-term. You are responsible for your choices and will be loved by those close to you no matter what.

You Will Be Loved‘ from Jon Davis is a sterling effort from the New York City singer who has such a pure voice. It’s no wonder that he is riding on a wave right now as each release seems to hit the sweet spot.

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Glasgow’s Playfio’s space odyssey journey on ‘Nameless Man’

Nameless Man‘ features on ‘Arcadian Resonance‘, and is the second studio album from Scottish band Playfio. They return with this spacey song with real heart that will have you watching all the way through.

Nameless Man‘, was ironically almost left off this album. After been given a second chance once Claude Etienne had worked his magic on the guitar, it’s inclusion was suddenly at the top of the list. Written by Rob Playford with Claude Etienne on guitar and the mix and master engineer was Adam Titmuss.

The album artwork, with it’s nod to the first album and Rob’s late Grandfather’s 1940’s Dance band Arcadia is artistically finessed by the fantastic film craft of Adam Stern. This is a band that take their time to make everything sound and look 100%.

Nameless Man‘ from Scottish band Playfio is like a soundtrack to a movie. The story of someone doing so much but ultimate nameless in the bigger scheme of things. Just like real life.

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‘AsWeGo’ from Italian band Plastic Palms is a summer dream

Yellow Panda by Plastic Palms

Turin in beautiful Italy is the home of Plastic Palms and they bring us much joy with their new release called ‘AsWGo‘.

This is a summer indie-pop song that is a riveting listen. This is a cool breeze song to play while on a road trip or on the way to work to hype you up. The vocals are so glorious and simple. I could listen to this band all day and they take me on a happy journey. The guitar riffs are so well constructed and this might be my new favorite act.

Plastic Palms is Clarissa Ghelli, Daniel Rineer, and Jordan Bernstein. This fantastic 3 piece roam free on this one like a fantastic breeze that is floating happily around. This is quality music with a happy vibe that makes you put your sunglasses on and dance around. ‘AsWGo‘ is the summer song that we all needed. Turn this up and hit that repeat.

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French Alps Tiger majestically claw into our souls with ‘Let Me Down’

Let Me Down‘ is the brand new track from the exciting indie-rock 3 piece band from South Wales, French Alps Tiger.

French Alps Tiger are Russ, Duffy, Jess and Durke. The band are named after the elusive Tiger found only in the French Alps of South Wales. They like writing music that reminds them of being young kids and playing shows that reminds you of this innocence too.

I love the raw vocals here that just seen to get better and better after each note. The drums are rhythmical and the guitar strings are played with much skill. This is a classic song from this fine young band.

Let Me Down‘ is a sad song really due to the lyrical content. This is about being let down and feeling that soreness inside. You feel like you didn’t really deserve and want to know what you did wrong.

French Alps Tiger are a top Welsh band that are making their way in this wild music industry and I really like ‘Let Me Down‘. I feel very reflective and love the sound of the band. This is an act to certainly support.

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Jon Rooks drops stylish visuals for jazzy ”Can’t Stop”

Jazzy musician Jon Rooks gives us that soul boost for summer with the recently released single called ”Can’t Stop”.

The Columbia, South Carolina native in the USA is the star of the show with the encore turning performance on this funky beat. There is a lot to like here. This a singer which real soul and this is so enticing to the tired ear. This is a song that the whole world needs to here.

Light on foot and heavy smooth vibes for your hungry soul like a peckish fox- Jon Rooks takes a peak at the dusty music venue floor. He has one idea in mind and that is it to get the groove alight so bright as to create an ambiance of energy that burns the sky with sparkling stars.

Can’t Stop” is one of those likable songs that you can’t help playing again and again. Jon Rooks has that gift that you can’t teach. Real soul inside.

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DJ Dante the Don returns with love party anthem ”Mine” (feat. Anni)

Dante the Don is a well-known DJ that has been playing for the last 20 years. He is back with his new track called ”Mine” (feat. Anni).

Dante Deiana has poured his energy into his craft over the years and has built up a terrific reputation from his travels. He plays at clubs and private events too, working his tail off to make sure that he gets re-bookings.

DJ Dante the Don’sMine” features the wonderful voice of Anni. This is all about wanting to be with that one person and making them all yours. You just want that one person in your life to be yours so you don’t have to share them with anyone else. There is a powerful beat here mixed in with the smooth female vocals. This is a club winner.

Mine” is top song from the multi-skilled DJ Dante the Don and featuring Anni. This a party-house track that proves so popular on radio and at the local nightspots.

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Askil Fangel returns with reflective indie track ”96 Percent”

Askil Fangel is composer, bassist and vocalist who is based in vibrant London. The London-based Norwegian musician who is a self-confessed coffee addict returns with the reflective new single called ”96 Percent”.

96 Percent” is a chilled indie song that has a tasty mixture of indie and electronic music. I find this to be quite a reflective journey from Askil. This is about talking things through with a close friend to get the full picture. It’s all about getting things straight in your head and making a plan on how to help both of you.

Askil Fangel shines on ”96 Percent” and he has such a unique voice that keeps you listening intently. He is a true storyteller and I feel like I’m on a train while listening to him. I’m looking outside and thinking very deeply, perhaps even over-thinking things. This is a very self-reflective song that makes me feel a little bit sad but I enjoy the sound and my head is always swaying along to the quality musicianship.

Stream this soulfully chilled song here on Spotify.

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Australian Alt-Rockers KaKu bring the heat with ”Winners Are Grinners”

KaKu are an Alt/Hard-Rock band straight outta Melbourne in Australia. They groove our hearts charmingly with their latest track called ”Winners Are Grinners”.

The band are from Melbourne’s inner north and are made up of the bearded Ben Schier, Dan Bergowicz and Andrew Cossey. The 3 piece band have loudly been flying their way up the Australian music biz for over 5 years.

KaKu have just released their debut EP on the 1st July which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Julian Schweitzer. This release is a product of a long musical relationship which explores brooding and introspective ballads, riff-laden jams and deep hooks that power through the speaks to magnetic levels.

Winners Are Grinners” is a terrific single from the outstanding Australian band KaKu. The Melbourne 3 piece blow past the noise and send us a great song. The Ozzie band are on the way up due to their quality song and intricate lyrics.

Stream this fab indie rock tune here on the bands Soundcloud.

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Stone Driver’s ”Long Way Down” is a psychedelic message about the world

Stone Driver is a critically acclaimed groovy rock band from Washington in DC. The band fuses a wise blend of tasty grunge, blues rock, progressive, and psychedelic influences. The band is currently finishing its highly anticipated fourth full-length album “Mannequins” and have partnered with former LA Guns front-man Scott Foster Harris on vocals. Adding Grammy award winner John Seymour’s production wizardry on ”Long Way” was also a smart move.

This music video was directed and edited by Chad Lesch and Stone Driver Studios. It’s a fun ride and the video is very cleverly made to show us the new way of doing things and the bad things about it too with electronics. The video changes half way and features a snake and a squirrel to keep things interesting.

Stone Driver’sLong Way Down” is a fun song that creates lots of exciting visuals to keep you hooked time and again. This is a band like no other and for that they must be acclaimed.

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Precious Onungwe shines so bright on meaningful video for ”You Matter”

Canada is a beautiful country and it has provided the world with such a pure song thanks to Precious Onungwe. This fantastic neo-soul artist has just dropped the visuals for his brand new song called ”You Matter”. This song matters as it has put a positive spin on what has been a torturous year to put it mildly. The young singer shines here and his pure voice and wonderful message shines very bright in 2020.

You Matter” from self-aware Precious Onungwe celebrates all of our uniqueness and our collective individualism as humans. He speaks on issues such as hatred and jealousy which can lead to bigger societal problems: mass shootings, spread of demeaning words, killings, and abuse of power. With self love, self worth and self awareness, we can see others from the same lens we use for ourselves. You Matter As Much As I Do is the mantra here. With this mirror, there’s no need to tear anyone down to feel bigger or elevated. We are all in this together, and we can make it a paradise here because you matter. I love what this fine artist and poet is all about.

With a soul so bright like this, can you see why this is such a vital message? Precious Onungwe’sYou Matter” is probably one of the most important messages of the year. This is a singer who uses his platform to make a difference. Let’s turn this up, share and embrace this peaceful voice during these war-ravaged times.

Stream this brand new song with so much meaning on his YouTube music channel.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen