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Levina Lye is here with a real song all about using your ‘Intuition’

Levina Lye is here with a real song all about using your ‘Intuition‘ and never losing this basic instinct to survive this crazy world of love.

Written & produced by Levina herself, this is a soulful song that has beautiful R&B vibrations, with a whole bunch of sassy soul to get those ears wide awake.

You love this person so much but something is telling you to be careful. You are listening to your head but your heart is taking you to a different place. With so much love to give, you want this so bad but don’t know what to do now. You know you should be careful as you don’t fully know their intentions yet.

With a voice of a kind angel, I love how Levina is so calm with her delivery. This is not about trying to sing crazy high notes, she keeps it so soulfully pure here. This quality singer is trying to see through the lies and sings with such passion. This is an intelligent woman with an intricate style that fills the air with beauty. She has been through a lot and her music is so inspiring.

Intuition‘ from Levina Lye is a sterling effort and the topic raises interesting points about players and people hiding what is really going on. Always follow your heart but let your head and intuition lead you through the smoke and mirrors.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Manic sends through an original galaxy-exploring gem ‘Program 1202’

Manic send through galaxy-exploring gem called ‘Program 1202‘.

Manic is an electronic dance music producer and DJ from Southern California in the USA. He used to concentrate on remixes but after a new friend made a suggestion, everything has changed and the light went on. Focus on your own music they said. This has given this fantastic producer a whole new lease on the game and this is a quality effort.

I love the start of the track. We hear communications from space to mission control and this gets you in the mood to hear more. The electric beat then transports you into a different mood, you feel free and start thinking about what is actually up there. Looking up and not down is the message here. The world has so many possibilities and we get stuck on what is on the tube, instead of looking up, seeing what else is up there.

Program 1202 from Californian producer and DJ Manic is a thrusting song, full of possibilities and I like how he is making his own music now, with mixes of course in his music locker. For a debut track, this is a marvelous effort and full of promise.

Click here on Soundcloud for the link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Atlanta emcee Emperatriz is edgy and gritty on ‘Special’ feat. Euro Trilll

Emperatriz is edgy and gritty on ‘Special‘ feat. Euro Trilll and this is a train slider that gets you off the tracks and onto good Hip Hop.

Emperatriz & Euro Trilll are both from the vibrant Atlanta area and you can see their skills on this song. The wordplay is of a high level and the lyrics bite you. The production perfectly matches the soundtrack here, the video adds extra style too. Cruising on the train, moving around to get place to place and keeping it real.

This is all about some people who think they are too special for their own boots. You aren’t feeling their vibe at all and wish they would be down to earth and keep it real. Your style is all about spiting straight truth and this is what you base your life around. In this crazy world, this isn’t always possible sometimes unfortunately.

Produced by Sik-wit-Skillz, Emperatriz’sSpecial‘ feat. Euro Trilll is a quality video and track with an edge to it. These two are clearly close and they are perfect together. You can see the love and in their eyes, they have all the special that they want and need.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Alex Frew and his band show growing maturity on their live version of ‘Get Out Alive’

Alex Frew and his band show growing maturity on their live version of ‘Get Out Alive‘ and this is a special listen.

This fantastic 4-piece have made such a stunning indie-rock track that impresses mightily here is 2020. The solo’s are amazing and the whole band really mesh well together. The Toronto band have so many intricate melodies and the sounds seep through into our hearts. This is a deep listen and you can see the passion here in his voice and the band backs him up perfectly.

Get Out Alive‘ from Alex Frew is all about getting out of bad situations as you need to be careful in life. Sometimes people lie and this can really affect you. They drag your clutch and really slow you down. You need to get out before it’s too late. This is a fantastic track that is of a high standard and a terrific listen. The Toronto band rock on this new single and this is a Canadian act that are set for huge things.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Seide flows in with the real life story of ‘De-Seide’ on debut release

Seide flows in with the real life story of ‘De-Seide‘. This is a packed-full of quality lyrics and a sound that gets you grooving.

This is music all about addictions and breakups to partying and everyday struggles. The music from this young artist is so relatable and his flow is tidy, the words are so relevant and the style is fantastic.

Fort Pierce, United States is the home of this terrific new school rapper with a trap-feel to this new release. He speaks on real topics and for this, he must be applauded. To often, rappers in this genre speak about bling, girls, cars and drugs. Not this fine emcee. He is self-aware and makes music to help others with their problems.

De-Seide‘ from Seide is a new school emcee with a big heart and a vibrant soul. This is a debut release that speaks volumes for the potential talent of this rising artist. He has decided what style of music he wants to make and the scary thing is that he is just getting started.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Kate Gala brings us hope on indie-electro love song ‘I Hope You Know’

Kate Gala brings us the indie-electro love song called ‘I Hope You Know‘ and this is such a catchy track for our healing hearts.

Kate Gala is a young singer-songwriter from Virginia Beach in the USA. She has been playing the guitar since she was young and music has helped her with her mind, body and soul.

This is a love story about hoping that the person you are with knows how you feel. Their support means the world and you feel like they are the most incredible people in the world. This has an air of gratefulness to it with a lot of gracefulness too. I love how this soul is so well constructed and sung, With a gorgeous voice and sweet nature, this is music that is so great to hear in 2020.

I Hope You Know‘ from Kate Gala is a magic mix of pure pop and edgy electronic and this is a fun song with a story of love, right for us to enjoy. This is a fine musician who puts her heart and soul in her music and we love it.

Head here for the Soundcloud link.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Can’t Fall’ from Atlanta’s 9dreamz is the mellow Hip Hop love song to enjoy

Can’t Fall‘ from 9dreamz is the mellow Hip Hop love song to enjoy with a glass of wine and your lover.

This young Atlanta, Georgia artist impresses here. He likes to make music for the lost souls and dreamers and this is exactly that. A lo-fi song to have an excuse to turn the lights down low, with passionate lyrics to match.

You are falling for her deep but you don’t want to fall in love. You have been hurt before and are scared of getting bitten again. These are worrying but exciting times and the beat showers us with low-lit candles and two humans seeing what is going to happen next. Will you fall hard and get hurt or will this work and make you both happy?

This is a mellow track to enjoy, ‘Can’t Fall‘ from 9dreamz will get you in the mood and make you think about things. With a  chilled beat and thoughtful lyrics, this is a dream of a song.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A terrific insight into the music business with ‘Dear Mr Producer’ from Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn is a USA-based singer who is back with the earth-shattering vocals that impress on her new single called ‘Dear Mr Producer‘.

This is a genuine singer-songwriter who combines elements of Pop, Neo Soul and Rock music with intelligent lyrics and powerful vocals to create lasting original music that blasts through the speakers.

The New Zealand-born, Colorado-based singer has a huge voice that never strains or sounds out of tune. She has that special gift and is using her skills for good things. The lyrics are real and this is a winner. A real special soul who isn’t taking the easy route.

I love how Estella sings and the way that she has made sure that integrity is very high on her agenda. She is not willing to let anyone else control her music career and she is a shining light in the music world. Too often integrity is low down on the list of some performers as they rush to the top, this is not one of those times and for this, we should applaud this fine singer.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Get over It’ from Fendahlene is a relationship problem in a catchy song

Get over It‘ from Fendahlene is a relationship problem in a catchy song that has lots of awesome riffs to keep us wildly entertained.

Fendahlene were formed in Sydney back in late 1994 by Paul Whiteley (guitar and vocals) and Ashley Hurst (bass). After moving to Europe in 2006 from Australia, they decided to have a break to reboot. They soon returned to the studio in 2018 to record their new album, High and Low and Back Again at Urchin Studios in East London over a period of two years, the album featuring ‘Get Over It’ dropped in July 2020.

The bass line are tremendous here on Get over It and this is a top act. The vocals are smooth like a bald head, the catchy vibe has you pricking your ears up to hear more. This is the mark of a quality track.

This is the story about getting over a relationship that isn’t going well. Things were great and then life happened. You are tired or being in the firing line and have decided to move on as it isn’t worth it anymore. Or will you be able to chat about it and move on? Time will tell but things aren’t looking good so far.

Get over It‘ from Fendahlene is a fine indie-rock song and the catchy elements keep you hooked all the way through. This might be the new breakup anthem of 2020.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Rabbit Hole’ by Alisha Todd is a beautiful song that is full of love

Rabbit Hole‘ by Alisha Todd is a beautiful song full of love and sweetness to snack on during the wild world of 2020.

Australian-born singer-songwriter Alisha Todd has that type of voice that makes you stop whatever you are doing. She just has it. Her genuine style makes her even more lovable too, her lyrics open the curtains into her world. Everything has been done in good time here and nothing has been rushed or flossed over. Real music.

I love how this song gets you in the mood, down the rabbit hole of love where you think of good times. Making babies with that special soul, you want it so much and know what you want to. The world is crazy and you just want to be happy, nothing else really matters right now when you are in this mood of love.

Rabbit Hole‘ by Alisha Todd is such a gem and the travels to Europe really helped this young singer. She has seen the world, been through tough times and is now comfortable in her own skin. This is that type of indie-folk that should be played on full volume, as it will warm your heart.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen