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Keeping it original: Reese Alexander is excellent on indie-rock fused ‘Hive’

Reese Alexander is absolutely spell-binding on his latest single ‘Hive‘ that will have you buzzing with excitement over a song that is so fascinatingly brilliant.

The Las Vegas, Nevada singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and band member of Vagrant Son and Natalie & The Damn Shandys, Reese Alexander, is an artist who projects independence from being boxed into any specific genre.

He punches above his own weight with a song that is so complex and made with a creative style that will have you overawed with what you have just heard.

Taken off the recent full album ‘Decima‘, this is the story of being unnoticed and keeping alive in this crazy world. The underdog stays away from the limelight until the time is right and this shows the humble nature of this top class performer. You can feel that he has lots of love to give and just wants he message to be heard all over the world. Inspiring peace and love is always a welcome notion to portray in this distraction-filled world.

Hive‘ from the original Nevada musician Reese Alexander feels like a timeless song that will be entrenched into the book of underrated quality music that gives the soul a big hug. After a wild year, this is music that makes the world a better place.

Hear this excellent new song on Reese’s Spotify and see the story of his career on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Christmas love in abundance: Orange County singer-songwriter Raza sends us a happy message on ‘This Christmas’

Raza is back with a fun festive season message of the highest quality on the new single called ‘This Christmas‘.

The LA based singer-songwriter, music video producer and composer Raza is a man that takes his art seriously and has built his name up over the years. This is due to leaving it all on the stage and giving his fans a real show with his lovely lyrics and soothing voice, that is like being blessed by a true musician who is a master at his craft.

This is a song that shows how you how that extra motivating to be with your special person this time of year. This is the story about having strong feelings for your lover and how you want to spend as much time as possible with them. This is the best time of the year for love and being alone in not an option.

His vocals show a musician that is totally comfortable with his art and just wants to make his fans happy. The positive message is a blessing to our ears and 2020 has been a year that most wished had never happened.

This Christmas‘ from Raza is a wonderful message that cheers us up so much during these gloomy times. His terrific array of intricate guitar soundscapes cleanses our souls and helps us smile again.

After all, music heals all pain and this festive season message is a fantastic feast for our tired hearts. Having that loving feeling during this time is the way to go so that you aren’t lonely or sad during this happy time.

See this festive video on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In the music zone: Newark Hip Hop artist Jimii drops ‘The only thing you gettin from the project for now’

The mysteriously elusive Newark Hip Hop artist Jimii is back with the breathlessly excellent ‘The only thing you gettin from the project for now‘.

Here is a musician who is chasing that money bag and isn’t up for any pointless waste of time at the moment. He is busy getting his music mastered and is on a mission right now to be great. He can taste it and wants the whole meal.

With a consistent flow that slowly builds up pace and swerves in with a skid that moves the block with a shake that is noticeable, we feel this young emcee’s special sauce on the mic. He is that underground King that hasn’t been crowned yet. His style is that of a man who knows that he need to do and he will move mountains for it to happen.

Jimii teases us on ‘The only thing you gettin from the project for now‘. You feel like his is an emcee that is biding his time, building his loyal team, perfecting his lyric delivery and when the time is right post-covid, he is going to get his chance at a festival and stamp his name over everyone’s faces. When you have that extra hungry and are willing to be patient, you can achieve anything you want.

Stream this Hip Hop banger on Soundcloud and see the IG story for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Being with your special soul: Porto’s MDMelo (ft. Francis) drop ‘All the Way-In the Moment EP #4’

MDMelo (ft. Francis) bring the heat on the spectacular new indie romantic R&B Soul track: ‘All the Way‘-In the Moment EP #4‘.

Porto, Portugal-based music producer, mixer and audio engineer MDMelo is a man on a mission to get his music to masses with his new EP series. With Francis as the singer-songwriter for this project, this is a freshly squeezed cup of orange juice for the heart to get a boost from our slumber in 2020.

His voice is smooth and calming, this is the story of love that is waiting to be reunited and the wait to be together is so hard sometimes. You want that touch, that laugh and that moment on the beach and holding hands while gazing at the stars. That calm water relaxes both of you as there are no distractions, no TV and nothing interfering with your special moment. This is so pure and will strengthen your bond.

All the Way‘-In the Moment EP #4‘ from the talented producer MDMelo and the incredible vocals of Francis, is a track that makes you drift away for a while and the video is so relaxing too. Each part of the video perfectly encapsulates what the song is about and the ending is what love should be about. After the long wait, this excellent song shows that love is about being patient and being in the moment when you have that opportunity.

Check out the YouTube video and follow the good vibes on IG.

Stream the YouTube video and

A 90’s classic reborn: Alex Kreid drops lockdown influenced single ‘Mysterious Times’

Alex Kreid is a 90’s head and he was so inspired during these wild lock down times to remix ‘Mysterious Times‘ as it perfectly projects how the whole world is feeling right now.

This track was originally released in 1998 by Sash! (ft. Tina Cousins) and this is probably one of the best dance songs of its generation. The fitting ode to this classic is a wonderful addition to a strange year that has in some ways, forced musicians to re-look at the way they do things, in order to make sure that they can remain productive while venues are mostly bolted shut.

The earthy atmospheric start catches the mood of the year as the build lifts and lifts gradually as the vocals become even more spooky than before. This is a remix that has been recreated to fit our current times, which is a welcome sound as most covers try and copy the original completely.

His vocals transforms the speakers and you sit back and try to soak up what is currently going on outside. With some countries doing great with the pandemic and others poorly, you realize that we have to stay strong and re-invent ourselves in order to survive.

Mysterious Times‘ from Bristol based singer-songwriter Alex Kreid is a reboot of the classic 90’s song and this is a fitting tribute to this wonderful tune that has been re-imagined with such skill and quality, to make us all tip the cap and appreciate a quality dance track.

Raise your heartbeat on Spotify and see more from this talented producer on his FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looping in the garden: Welsh artist Munki amazes our brains with the live video ‘Sit By The Hillside’

Munki gives us a song to fully immerse our hearts in with his live looping single shot in his family garden in Wales called ‘Sit By The Hillside‘.

Theodore Burn aka Munki is an original multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from the deep forests of beautiful South West Wales. After recently moving to bustling Bristol in England (before lock down hit), he is on a mission to make us much authentic music as humanly possible.

Predominantly a drummer and percussionist, this is an artist who only uses natural instruments and this earthy atmosphere makes you gaze up above and dream of good vibes.

With a 4 track EP on the way, working on around 5 projects, a new studio getting set up and music videos on the horizon, it feels like the momentum is starting to happen with this artist and with his Papa on the video edit, its a family effort.

If he can get his music business plan in sync with the high standard of what we hear, this is an artist that can do what he loves all over the world. Being on YouTube and all the big streaming platforms is needed but this probably part of his master plan. You can tell that this is an extremely talented artist who has that extra quality deep inside his soul and he loves what he does.

The amount of music intricacies blows your mind as he is like a classical artist, each part of the song has been carefully planned with organic nature taking him on a journey that is so varied and wonderfully made. You will be tapping your feet to this for hours and trying to work out what is really going in is like piecing an exciting jigsaw together.

Munki is quite masterful on the almost 8 minute live looping lesson on ‘Sit By The Hillside‘. This is music to recharge with naturally, sit in the garden with and enjoy with friends and family with birds tweeting in the background. Life is okay again with music like this from the Welsh wizard.

See his live loop vibe via the Facebook video page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Musical theater flair immersed in pop: Allison St. Rock makes the debut anthem of 2020 with ‘I Wanna Feel Better’

Allison St. Rock urges us to stay positive no matter what on the purposeful indie pop single ‘I Wanna Feel Better‘.

Allison St. Rock is a Stonington, Connecticut-born composer, playwright, performer and new singer-songwriter, who has just blessed us with her debut single and this is a new track filled with tasty treats for our ears. This is a true creative, a proudly LBGT woman who has a voice that will leave you so breathless, you will need CPR immediately.

“You know that feeling when you hear a song, and it describes exactly how you’re feeling in the moment, it makes you feel seen and makes you feel less alone? That’s what I want to give with my music.”- Allison St. Rock

This is the rebirth after a breakup that has sucked all your energy away and you have decided you want to make a change. The time is now and dancing all the pain away seems to be the way to go. Instead of hiding away and feeling sorry for yourself, the way to be better is to take a deep breath, and get in your own zone again.

Her classy voice is soothing and fresh like a tasty orange on a hot day, the juices of her energy rub off on you and you start to feel happier already. The electro-pop beat keeps you on your toes and this is such a catchy song you should tie yourself to a tree so you can hold on. This is the start of an exciting journey for a creative that seems ready and is confident in her abilities to do whatever she sets her mind to.

I Wanna Feel Better‘ from New York City’s Allison St. Rock is a virtual big hug to anyone out there that has been struggling with lost love. She is the compass to find yourself again and move on to new adventures that enables you to love wholeheartedly again.

Get out of your slump and hear this sparkling song on Spotify. See her social life via IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chasing that soulful realness: Carlos Rising is a guiding light for us all on new single ‘Peacemaker’

Carlos Rising rises above the current doom and gloom of the world with a new single that shines a light on what is good on ‘Peacemaker‘.

Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Carlos Rising is such a blessing to listen to and he brings his faith with him to build a pure bridge for us to walk on, and feel safer. These times need leaders to stand up and this is a man who is donating 100% of the earnings made from this song, to help two of his best friends on their missionary work in San Jose, Costa Rica.

His voice is so real and determined. This is a man who is a skilled guitarist and you can hear all his experience intertwined in his deep lungs and flexible fingers, the melodies are a true singer-songwriter’s artwork that pursues only peace and love. His lyrics are only promoting the pure energy that is so lacking; in this over-fast and compare-based world that needs a reset.

With a John Mayer type voice, this is an original artist who shows how compassion and love can win over all the hate and darkness. This triumphs over all and role models like this need to be appreciated as this will end up being a timeless song, rather than a cheesy fad that goes off in the sun.

Peacemaker‘ from Carlos Rising is a track that has your back when you need it most and this is one of the most genuine releases of 2020 that deserves so much love. Peace and love is what this world needs more of.

Find a quiet place to fully experience a master at work on Spotify. See his social adventures on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hide and go seek is over: New York City singer-songwriter Ximone Rose is refreshingly reflective on the incredible ‘i Found Me’

Ximone Rose is transcendent on her new single ‘I found Me‘ and this is that peaceful pureness that is hard to find; unless you look deeper underground.

The former child-actor, creative and wonderful NYC singer-songwriter Ximone Rose, has a rare ability to change your mood with one note of music.

This is the story about how we all need someone to help you find yourself again. We all walk down the dark road and get lost sometimes. The world is confusing and our minds get wrapped up with so much plastic that we all need a lifeguard in the sea of life; to pick us up so we can reset our perspective.

Her voice is like a floating angelic memory, each word is made with such tender loving care as she weaves her way into our broken hearts so lovingly. The way she keeps her tone so effortless is absolutely mind-blowing and you feel like a huge weight is lifted off your tired shoulders. This is properly made music that has that extra class that you can’t teach. She was born with this gift that she has chosen to use, rather than walk into the other side of the music scene, that can cloud your innocence so quickly and scar you for life, weighing you down like a cement brick tied to your feet.

Feeling that youth inside you is so important in this serious world and being happy again should be high on your priority list. Ximone Rose shows us what really counts on ‘I found Me‘. She is a special talent who’s music will make you think and lift you up over any obstacle you may be currently facing.

Hear this top track on Spotify and see her music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Genre merge-benders: Manchester fast-risers Maruja stomp down the house with ‘Rage’

Maruja are back with a powerful new song and the 4-piece act certainly deliver a track that is full of ‘Rage‘.

Manchester’s Post-Punk Jazzy Alt Rock crew Maruja certainly make ferocious music that growls like a hungry Lion that skipped lunch. The highly rated newcomers passion is easy on the ear and tremendous to vibe with, as the UK band smash through with their electric energy that might cause power outages from all the piping hot electricity.

The ominous opening sets a benchmark that swerves in with an alto sax sound that adds so much intrigue to an already catchy track as the mood is set in stone with a newly sharpened knife. The bass and drums feel like they been injected with superpowers as it meshes with the strong vocals that bellow out, reflecting the moment and getting the frustration out with the shaking mic taking a battering.

This is the story about having that extra acidic fire in your blood flow, your vision goes black as something or someone takes over your thoughts for a few fleeting moments. The raging bull inside you has blows a gasket and your teeth clench so tightly as you think about that person that has engulfed your feelings and you aren’t at all yourself right now.

Sometimes we lose ourselves for a while and we need strong friends to hold us back, calm us down and help us to see reason. Manchester’s Maruja are quite excellent on the powerfully constructed ‘Rage‘ as their uniquely brilliant music heats up a freezing lockdown December.

Head through to the Spotify page for this banging tune and see their story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen