New York-based Jon Davis sings his heart out on ‘You Will Be Loved’

You Will Be Loved‘ is the brand new release from the quality New York-based singer-songwriter Jon Davis.

Jon Davis was born on a Hopi Indian reservation in Tuba City, Arizona and moved to Colorado when he was 2. This unique early perspective of the world lead him to begin singing at the age of 5, cultivating a love of being creative. In 2017, Jon Davis reentered the music industry in New York City. He signed his first production deal leading to his debut performance of entirely original material at Triad Theater.

This is all about being loved by those close to you and to enjoy life. Keeping secrets and running away will not help you long-term. You are responsible for your choices and will be loved by those close to you no matter what.

You Will Be Loved‘ from Jon Davis is a sterling effort from the New York City singer who has such a pure voice. It’s no wonder that he is riding on a wave right now as each release seems to hit the sweet spot.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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