Floor 44 play so beautifully on debut ‘The One I Miss’

Canada’s Floor 44 return with this fine new single that tugs on the heartstrings called ‘The One I Miss‘.

Floor 44 is a Toronto based group consisting of Kendrick Ambrose, M. Nazar Syed, Sadiq Amin and Abdullah Malim. They formed in 2019 and have played together ever since. They come from a Pakistani background originating from Karachi. In 2020, they started releasing cover songs and original material that includes piano compositions and full band tracks. Most of their songs are written by Ambrose and Syed with Amin and Malim producing the tracks. They make such a fine team and everyone seems to work in perfect harmony.

You miss her love so much. You begged her to stay but it didn’t happen. You are sad and deep down you think there is still a chance. Will you be able to be with her again or is it all over?

Floor 44 shine with this beautifully constructed track called ‘The One I Miss‘ that makes you sad but happy at the same time. Maybe you are supposed to learn from this lesson and move on.

Stream here for the Spotify page.

Click here for their Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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