Mistake Me For A Rookie: MATRIXX shows us where the zone is on KNICK KNACK (feat. GXLD FVBRK)

With the debut EP due for release on the 30th September 2022, MATRIXX holds the milk and shows us where the cookie is on the most explosive single your ears will be exposed to today on KNICK KNACK (feat. GXLD FVBRK).

MATRIXX is a New Jersey, USA-based, EDM music producer, and the CEO of Nebula Productions who is joined by South Jersey indie hip hop trio GXLD FVBRK.

Knick Knack speaks volumes both lyrically and sonically. Its intensity is the kind that melts your face.” – MATRIXX

Kicking the haters away from the exit door, MATRIXX and GXLD FVBRK form a rather tasty combo and lace our lips with that hot sauce that might change your mood. With a scintillating production that fuses in two genres together like a successful 1st date, there is so much to get excited about on this fantastic new release.

Raw, unapologetic, and showcases our versatility as we embrace our hip hop roots. The nursery rhyme that defines bossing up.” – S.K.Y. from GXLD FVBRK

KNICK KNACK from MATRIXX (feat. GXLD FVBRK) is a rather impressive effort that will please those who like it electrifying and all about leaving the dog alone to live in peace. With perfect timing and a punchy beat that Mike Tyson would be proud of, this is a statement track for our day to be flipped over for the better. Vocally pleasing throughout and never going into a sleepy slumber, you might feel you’ve been placed in a whole new galaxy to do whatever you want inside.

Piping hot and steaming with illuminated energy to feel transformed by, showing us that the underground is where it’s at.

Check out this top track on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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