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Take These Broken Wings And Learn To Fly: Lawrence Ryan releases sterling cover of The Beatles classic ‘Blackbird’ (Live)

With a terrific vocal ability and masterful guitar skills to match, Lawrence Ryan is highly impressive on his cover for The Beatles legendary single called ‘Blackbird’ (Live).

Lawrence Ryan is a soulful solo indie blues/rock singer-songwriter from Brooklyn in New York who now resides in New England. He is a skilled musician who has had experience in bands, but now performs solo.

After moving to New England, his songs and voice became the mainstay of several Northeast area bands. One of which was the blues/funk band Lux Radio. As lead singer and guitarist, he has opened for national acts such as Meatloaf and Cub Coda of
Brownsville Station.” ~ Lawrence Ryan

This is a song that was all about the U.S. race riots in mid-1968, that caused so much shock all over the world due to their intensity. The track is a metaphor of the struggle for the black civil rights movement and is sung with much vigor, from a singer who knows how important this release is.

Blackbird’ (Live) from the solo blues-filled New England songwriter Lawrence Ryan, shows us into a world that has come back after many years with tensions bursting underground, that have now surfaced into the forefront of television sets globally. He sings with a true sense of responsibility and this is a courageous effort from a quality musician.

Hear this audio on YouTube and see more of his journey via IG.

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Don’t Give Up: Massachusetts native Jade Moede enthusiastically urges us to hold onto our ‘Pride’

As he rocks into the music bar with a telling story that inspires us to lift ourselves up, Jade Moede returns triumphantly with the true story about keeping our chins to the sky no matter what the circumstances are on his relevant new single called ‘Pride‘.

Jade Moede (pronounced Maydee) is a creative indie rock singer-songwriter, award-winning visual artist, and drummer, from peaceful Cotuit, Massachusetts, in the USA. He makes that old school feel that has you feeling all cozy and nostalgic, as his wonderful ways take you to a vintage place that is way out of the matrix.

It’s almost more net art time capsuled from the early 90s than anything else.” – Jade Moede

There is such a rebel nature here that is so great to listen to and the gushing guitar riffs are so fun to embrace happily. His determined vocals swarm the mic and uplifts your mood like winning the lotto, as he takes us for a ride that has you feeling alright again after a few losses.

Pride‘ from the New England-based indie rock artist and visually creative artist Jade Moede, is that walking with an extra step type of track. The misty maze of the world can hold you back and confuse you as there are so many different paths you could take. He sings with such passionate energy and this is a song you need to hear loud, as its your right to do so.

Stream his new track on Spotify and check out the IG for more visuals plus music news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

For sweet Mary: Jade Moede sends special love message to his wife on ‘Second To None’

Showing unwavering love to his special wife Mary on Valentines Day, Jade Moede is quite excellent on his new sweetly-textured single called ‘Second To None‘.

The authentically real New England, USA-based indie rock/blues singer-songwriter and visual artist Jade Moede, is that special soul, that spread his wings in this stunning song and shows his romantic side with a special track to mark a day that so many treasure, as cupid’s time to shine.

He makes that crisply toasted warm and tasty music, that lathers a spread of calm and pureness on your slice of breakfast in bed, to leave you in no doubt, that music with meaning is the still the best feeling in the world.

His voice grips your attention like a car stuck to the road, as he presses the throttle down with a terrific display of soundscapes, that takes you to places you can’t stop smiling about. Here is a man who sings with that tone you can’t forget, the energy is catchy and a delight of you inner senses.

Second To None‘ from New England’s singer/artist Jade Moede, sends butterfly kisses throughout this wonderfully rare piece of love that soars above all and shows his compassionate side, on such a classy track.

When you care about someone so much, to show it to the world in a great song, is the ultimate sign of romance.

Hear this wonderfully creative single on Spotify and see his visions on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Searching dimensions: The incomparable Eric Clarke grabs our ‘Attention’ on pulsating psychedelic encounter

Eric Clarke brings forth to Earth his new single ‘Attention‘, which is taken off the debut album called ‘Now, Here‘.

New Hampshire, New England native Eric Clarke is a self-aware indie singer-songwriter/emcee, producer and authentic soul with a unique story to tell us mere mortals. His entrancing music is the type of transfixing experience that you can’t put your finger on as it hasn’t existed yet- until now.

The pulsating psychedelic production gives you chilling goosebumps right away and you shiver for a few seconds while wrapped into his enthralling music video. You feel the sonic energy transform the insides of your soul as you can’t stop watching- even for a second.

His spellbinding style is one that is so fascinating and at times his deep voice gets you to lock in so tight, you might get crushed with thinking too much about what this is all about. This is a mesmerizing song- full of intrigue and mystery- this is a musician that you can’t put into any box as has made made his own.

Attention‘ from the gifted New Hampshire artist Eric Clarke is a song that you will either love or hate, his catchy single is loaded with out-of-this-world lyrics and the beat might scare you a bit.

The whole point of music is to innovate and this is a welcome music experience that you won’t forget quickly. He certainly has our attention.

See this supremely gifted artist in action via YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking deep within: Blues-Grassicana Folk act August First drop inspirational single ‘I’ve Learned To Love Me’

August First return with their uniquely intimate sound on their latest single called ‘I’ve Learned To Love Me‘.

The New England based Folk Bluegrass/Country original outfit August First enter our lives during these troubled times to cheer us up and send through a terrific track, that will help you dust off those boots and get you dancing again, albeit with a theme that is deep and so relevant in modern day society. This is the story of looking in the mirror beside you and liking what you see.

The peaceful banjo filters out all other distractions and you feel thoughtful while listening to this gem. The honest vocal drift like a sliding car from the speakers as the singer tells us about her battles to love herself. She grows as the song delves deep into our souls and makes you wonder why some of us struggle, while some of us love ourselves perhaps a bit too much. The constant struggle to find that balance is real and the mellow energy of the band makes this a fantastic song.

Forgetting what has happened before is difficult and whilst you do need to learn from your mistakes, no one has a time machine beside Doctor Who so the key is to look ahead and learn to love yourself and improve each day.

I’ve Learned To Love Me‘ from proudly New England band August First is a true story that gives you perspective into how power our minds really are and how they can either help or hurt deep within.

Stream this banjo-filled inspirational tale on Soundcloud and follow their social story on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New England’s original artist Cufuddle returns with intriguing new single ‘Mancala’

New England, USA based producer and vocalist Cufuddle is an artist like no other and he is back with a fiery effort that shows ultimate originality on ‘Mancala‘. This is the type of song that you have never heard before due to the layers that spin your head into a web of intrigue.

Cufuddle music has an air of carelessness that refreshingly goes against the crazy fast world that we live in currently. The sound is moody, dark and you will find yourself wondering what it is all about. This is the type music that will be enjoyed on road trips or when you are starting outside the window, looking for inspiration or gazing at the stars.

Taken off the brand new full album ‘No Master‘, this is a really gritty effort from an artist who lays it all on the line with each word. You get the feeling that this is a song that was made with freedom in mind.

Mancala‘ from Cufuddle is an indie track that is in its own genre. This is a release that will turn your head and is from an artist who is staying himself and not following any fad. A song that is full of life and you won’t hear anything like it out there.

Click here for the Spotify link to hear more.

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New England band We Demand Parachutes rock through with punk steamed ‘Ketamine’

New England band We Demand Parachutes rock through with punk steamed new single called ‘Ketamine‘.

This New England’s emerging Indie-Rock band was started originally as a writing project, with one member deployed overseas with the United States Military, and the other two working in the live sound world. This group blends elements of alternative and “blink-182” era pop-punk with the emotional and incisive lyrics of front man Kevin McCord, drummer Ben Shumaker, and bassist/programmer Seth Richardson.

This is all about needing to have someone close to you to make sure that you are okay always. Life flips up and down so fast and the partying can get a bit much sometimes without that support.

We Demand Parachutes impress on the punk rockin’ single ‘Ketamine‘. This is a party-filled jam full of party stories and overdoses with a few hospital visits. The energy is swarming, the guitars full of focus and are ferociously driven to make this is a wild story. The vocals are punk-rock and the baselines will remind you of some of your favorite 90’s bands.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook page.

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Alt Pop singer Bex blazes in with ”Secondhand Smoke”

Bex is a Boston-based writer & singer-songwriter with influences from pop-rock, blues and also some neo-soul. She is back with her new song called ”Secondhand Smoke” that was released today.

What ever you breath in you need to believe it. Bex is no quitter and she has the Bonny & Clyde kind of love with this fantastic new pop track. Her vocals are wonderfully pure on this new song and I love the catchy lyrics. The vibe is fab throughout and Bex shows her smooth style.

Secondhand Smoke” from the Massachusetts local is perfect for those long road trips or to get you excited for the day. Without having a sneaky ciggie of course.  This is a simple song that catches the ear and this is a musician to watch. Her voice is so natural and she is poised to fully breakout soon.

Stream this song right here on Spotify.

Click here for the Insta channel to learn more.

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New England band Another One Down! rock our socks off with ‘Stuck In The Wake’ (Official Lyric Video)

Another One Down! rock in with the fantastic ‘Stuck In The Wake‘ (Official Lyric Video) and this is an impressive song and the video is playfully made with style.

Since their inception in 2014, Rhode Island based pop-punk band Another One Down! has continually proven themselves to be a driving force within the New England scene. Having two EPs under their belt, the band has played alongside notable acts such as Four Year Strong, Metro Station, Belmont, and opened the final Vans Warped Tour. With their debut full length set to be released later this year, AOD! plans to expand their pop-punk roots by leaning more into their alternative and emo influences.

This is a powerfully sung punk rock track that is perfect for those weekend days with friends. It fires you up and I love how in mesh the band are. This puts me in a good but reflective and mood and the whole band sync perfectly. New England band Another One Down! fly in on ‘Stuck In The Wake‘ and this is all about being stuck and looking out for others that are too. This is a rad song that shows how epic this band is.

Click here for the YouTube lyric video.

Head through to the Facebook page.

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