Looking deep within: Blues-Grassicana Folk act August First drop inspirational single ‘I’ve Learned To Love Me’

August First return with their uniquely intimate sound on their latest single called ‘I’ve Learned To Love Me‘.

The New England based Folk Bluegrass/Country original outfit August First enter our lives during these troubled times to cheer us up and send through a terrific track, that will help you dust off those boots and get you dancing again, albeit with a theme that is deep and so relevant in modern day society. This is the story of looking in the mirror beside you and liking what you see.

The peaceful banjo filters out all other distractions and you feel thoughtful while listening to this gem. The honest vocal drift like a sliding car from the speakers as the singer tells us about her battles to love herself. She grows as the song delves deep into our souls and makes you wonder why some of us struggle, while some of us love ourselves perhaps a bit too much. The constant struggle to find that balance is real and the mellow energy of the band makes this a fantastic song.

Forgetting what has happened before is difficult and whilst you do need to learn from your mistakes, no one has a time machine beside Doctor Who so the key is to look ahead and learn to love yourself and improve each day.

I’ve Learned To Love Me‘ from proudly New England band August First is a true story that gives you perspective into how power our minds really are and how they can either help or hurt deep within.

Stream this banjo-filled inspirational tale on Soundcloud and follow their social story on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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