Frances Baker wonders if she will ever hear the truth from her ‘Soulful Baby’

Released by Ugly Cave Records and showing us why she is indeed protected by loyal angels, Frances Baker reveals to us her stunning vocal progression on the latest gem that will have you in a reflective mood on, ‘Soulful Baby‘.

Frances Baker is a New England and Nashville, USA-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter and music producer who performs with a graceful style you can’t easily forget.

She accompanies herself with guitar, samples, and scored midi instruments combining Lo-Fi indie guitar, dynamic rhythm, soulful singing, to create something oddly familiar.” ~ Frances Baker

Currently on tour in New York City, as she travels the country to expose her music to the masses, Frances Baker is like a heavenly wonder on ‘Soulful Baby‘ as she soars into our awaiting ears with so much kindness. Her style is so unpretentious, the lyrics introspective and the vocal qualities rather divine, as we are placed into a world that will have you floating rather peacefully as you contemplate everything you previously felt.

Soulful Baby‘ from New England and Nashville, USA-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter/music producer Frances Baker is a sweetly sung single from a young artist who wonders if her relationship can truly make it through all the plastic and untruths. Her expressive ambience is rather calming and you might look deeply outside the window next to you, pondering that time you wish you knew the actual story to set you free forever.

Listen up to this gorgeous single on Spotify and see her career rise on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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