Memphis-based Subtle Citizen wonders where she went to on ‘Ghost’

With an unmistakably catchy start that gets you into the mood to dance with, Subtle Citizen tells us the story about that soul that just vanished away like a cute ‘Ghost‘ in the distance.

Subtle Citizen is a Memphis, Tennessee-based indie-rock/pop band who make a quality blend of music that has you clicking your fingers and singing along.

Soothing our senses with a delightful track that is made with a real insight into a moment that will never be forgotten, Subtle Citizen captures our attention with a fine new single – that will have your heart beating – as you bring your mind back to that moment when that future lover, flew away before you got to really know them.

Ghost‘ from the Memphis, Tennessee-based indie-rock/pop act Subtle Citizen, is the story all about falling for someone who perhaps isn’t quite there as you want them to be. With one side keen and the other indifferent, you get the sense that this will end up in unfortunate heartbreak for one party. Sung with a mature vocal ambience that is rather smooth and with a beat that reminds you of happier times – this is a single for anyone who has had their soul crushed – by a wondering heart who isn’t quite sure where they are currently.

Check out their new single on Spotify and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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