laceleaf slows everything down to satisfying levels of common sense on ‘Stay’

Released from LA/NYC indie label I’m Into Life Records, laceleaf is in enticing form with a single from their 10-track debut full album ‘Richie‘ with a song that will appease the heart called, ‘Stay‘.

laceleaf is a Boston, Massachusetts-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie alternative pop duo who performs a nostalgic sound that has you visualizing about a different time altogether.

While frequenting the Allston DIY scene, Adam and Ethan moved into an apartment of their own where they began making music of their own- a mellow fusion of pop melodies from the early 2000s’ juxtaposed with the patience of 90s’ slowcore.” ~ laceleaf

Dailing down the excess of extra thoughts that make planning life so hard to stomach when your belly is so anxious, laceleaf leads us down the cosy path that might set you free from any stress that is so unnecessary for your precious soul.

Stay‘ from Boston, Massachusetts-born Los Angeles, California-based indie alternative pop duo laceleaf is a glorious love letter that simmers down the mad rush of life to a tranquil splash into the river. The vocals are so mellow and seem to brush off the heavy thoughts that certainly need to be less, with such an expert style that you might need to listen twice. Constructed with a supremely likeable production to cuddle with, this is a single to remember affectionately for its peaceful message of unity with your chosen partner.

Listen up to this new creation on Spotify and see the moves made on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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