Northern Texas Fantasy is in the zone with the spectacularly sizzling **U&I&Me&U**

With an intense scenery that could take your mind hastily and twist it as far as you can could imagine, Northern Texas Fantasy takes us on a real quest-like ride via this heart-quickening psychedelic track which is intriguingly named **U&I&Me&U**.

Northern Texas Fantasy is a Boston, Massachusetts-based indie dance act who blends in sensational shoegaze and ear-bending vaporwave.

Taken from the new 12-track experience to behold called ‘It Girl‘, Northern Texas Fantasy shows us their birth from the internet with a pulsating single to get rather rowdy with. Stuffed with a thrill-a-second and thoughtfully projected song with raw vocals to burst your eardrums with. This is a quite fantastic anthem to get electrified inside that shocks you sharply if you touch it too closely and is a song that is impossible to forget.

**U&I&Me&U** from the hugely promising Boston, Massachusetts-based indie dance project Northern Texas Fantasy is a brilliant performance from a quality artist who sends us into a merrier world than before. Packed with a punch bowl filled with flavoursome beats to get lathered inside, this is a quality track to enhance your speakers with all night long.

Feeling the groove is all that matters.

Listen up to this magnificent new single on Spotify and see more via their Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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