Getting that whole bag: BoldBeats is going ‘All Out’ to get that cheese and feed his family

Taken off the brand new eleven track album ‘Paradigms‘, ‘All Out‘ from Hip Hop artist BoldBeats, is a song all about going for what you want in life, and not accepting anything less.

Tyrone Rhodes aka BoldBeats is a native of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and is a producer, singer, rapper and songwriter who is extra motivated to get all that green to provide for who he cares for. He has been around music his whole life and was born into his father’s music entertainment company. This is a man who is making his own lane too as he wants to be known for what he has achieved, which is highly admirable. With this extra self-motivation and constant awareness, he is a multi-talented creativity who can rip it on the mic.

His rap flow breezes though so smoothly and its hard not to like his vibe. With a style that is on a MVP level, he smashes through the doubters with a quick-fire energy that is so catchy on the ear. The story about getting money is put right at the top of priorities and he won’t be held down by any lady either. He is on a mission to make as much cash as possible and then move onto bigger and better things, whatever that may be.

BoldBeats goes ‘All Out‘ on this hot new Hip Hop track that has hit written all over it. His straight forward style is easy to like and play real loud. When you know what you want in life, petty things don’t matter anymore and you stay in a zone that lots of people that you once knew, will never understand as you are beyond mainstream.

Stream and support via his Spotify and see more about this rising artist on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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