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Marilyn Joy conjured affectionate innocence in her sticky-sweet synth-pop score. HeartSchool

HeartSchool by Marilyn Joy

Marilyn Joy’s latest single, ‘HeartSchool’, is a sticky-sweet journey back to the innocence of first loves and schoolyard romances. This London-based artist, known for her alternative pop/rock flair, has once again captured our hearts with her quintessentially quirky style.

The lo-fi polyphonic pop vignette is a sweet, nostalgic trip down memory lane, guided by tender melodies which evoke the simplicity of young love, untouched by the complexities of adult relationships. Marilyn’s playful vocal timbres weave through the melody like a gentle reminder of days gone by while bearing reminiscence to the uninhibitedly expressive air of the Legendary Pink Dots.

Marilyn’s influence in the London music scene is evident in her live performances, described as ‘exciting’ and ‘unpredictable’. The track is a testament to her ability to blend genres and influences, from Blondie to Starsailor, into her distinctive sound.

With her previous releases, including ‘Crystal D’Arke‘ and ‘Killjoy Was Here’, she has consistently demonstrated skill in crafting songs that resonate with a wide audience. ‘HeartSchool’ continues this trend, solidifying her place as a significant voice in the alternative pop/rock genre.

HeartSchool is now available to stream and purchase on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Gemma Felicity ignited 00s pop nostalgia with ‘Come Back to Me’

Gemma Felicity

Gemma Felicity ignited early 00s pop nostalgia with her latest single, Come Back to Me, which is set to drop on the 4th of August.The muted and choked-up guitars at the start of the single set the tone for a hair-raising feat of pop-punk. But the London-based singer-songwriter chose to run through with a moody slice of synth-pop with reverb-heavy keys and a danceable melody beneath her viscerally soulful vocal lines that will spark an evocative fire between your synapses as you lose yourself in the adrenalizingly progressive single that will leave you simultaneously wanting to hit the dance floor and wanting to drunk text your ex.

Following a mystery illness that left her physically and mentally drained, the songwriter studied for her Masters in Music Performance in Leeds before dropping her first singles, This Place and Better Without You, in 2022. Her upcoming EP was penned to explore her unhealthy romantic relationships and her journey back to herself and self-sourced peace. Keep tuned for it.

Check out Come Back to Me on Spotify and iTunes via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

San Raquel deliver sheer funk-rock salacious soul in their latest single, Redrawn Lines

The London-based alt-rock outfit, San Raquel, is in fine form once again in their latest single, Redrawn Lines. After forming a decade ago, they’ve continued to hone in on their eclectically absorbing experimental style that pulls in funk-rock, proto-punk and Hendrix style solos.

The seductive semi-crooned vocals in Redrawn Lines are sure to serenade any fans of Chris Cornell; in the instrumentals, there’s a untameably wild Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ style furore that raises Redrawn Lines to anthemic heights. With the warm guitar notes against the handclaps, steady rhythmic percussion and relentlessly dynamic basslines, it’s impossible not to drink in a little of the salaciously demure funk-rock energy.

Redrawn Lines is now available to stream via SoundCloud. It is the first single released from their new EP, Where You End, and I Begin, which is due for release on April 8th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Abi Mia shares her infectious optimism in her latest single, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

The London-based breakthrough alt-pop artist Abi Mia ended 2021 with the ultimate up-vibe bop, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. With the funk in the melodies and the fire in her vocals, the resilience in the 90s influenced triumph of a track is infectious from the first hit. And if we’re all being honest with ourselves, that’s exactly what we need right now.

In the verses and pre-choruses, she extends compassion and understanding to anyone feeling the apathy before proving how sweet it is to throw pessimism by the wayside and embrace a brighter perspective in the choruses. If you’re looking for a definitive definition of a perennial pop earworm, just hit play.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Superbloom stripped back the vintage fuzz to deliver a heartfelt semi-orchestral version of their hit single, Paper & Stone.

After the successful release of their shoegaze-tinged alt 90s track, Paper & Stone, Superbloom released the unexpected but intensely appreciated semi-orchestral acoustic version.

They’ve left the high-octane fuzz by the wayside in the unplugged version to give their intellectual lyrics even more room to breathe in the cinematic track that highlights the impassioned conviction that pours into their expression. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the acoustic version of Paper & Stone rivals Corey Taylor’s solo work. Superbloom will only be rated highly enough when they’re topping the alt music charts.

The collective of artists, fronted by North London’s Robert James and Sam Lidington, works alongside producer  Ed Sokolowski. I can’t speak for everyone, but as someone who has never quite gotten over the 90s, you couldn’t ask for a better mix of revival nostalgia and intellectual aural autonomy.

Paper & Stone is due for official release on November 5th. You can check out the official video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

London’s Craig Stuart misses his true love on ‘The Way Love Should Be’

UK singer Craig Stuart pulls at our heartstrings with his love-torn new single called ‘The Way Love Should Be‘.

Craig Stuart is a London based indie-pop singer-songwriter, guitarist and percussionist. He is well traveled and experienced as a performer, busker and troubadour and has tallyed up nearly 300 flights in the last 5 years to travelling the world with his guitar, playing 6 of the 7 continents. This is a man that will do whatever it takes to perform his music all over the globe.

Having previously been a part of the London Underground Busking scheme for many years gained him a mass amount of experience as a performer and being able to interact with his audience which plays a vital role in his shows to this day. Craig was previously in a band as the sole songwriter before parting ways and taking is venture as a solo artist, where he lays down his emotional side into heart felt melancholic pop songs. He is ready to perform wherever he is wanted, this is a determined young artist with big dreams.

The Way Love Should Be‘ from Craig Stuart is a song all about loving someone so much. You care for them deeply but something has happened and that spark of passion is now over. A sad song and one that is well-performed by this talented singer-songwriter.

Stream here for the Soundcloud page.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen