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Don’t Bring Me Down: GreenblacK roar back at the small-minded souls on the Metal battle scar track ‘Even If’

As the lights frequently flicker and the strong speakers shake up unadulterated delight into the star-lit skyline, GreenblacK fight back at rude people who only think about themselves on the rip-roaring new single called ‘Even If‘.

Founded and fronted by Haifa, Israel-born Yohai Portal, GreenblacK is a full-blooded Los Angeles, California-based indie Metal band.

There is an air of authority here from a world outfit, who seem to thrive with music creations that are all about those important topics that are full of deep knowledge and teachable relevance. These lashing soundscapes projected are boldly loud and ever-lasting proud, the thrashing riffs rivet you in the startled face gently and instantly forces you to shudder happily. The well-sung vocals inspire your quivering ears to open up, as you feel so uplifted by this exploding cascade of euphoria, that is Metal at its purest form.

Yohai’s family is full of artists and creative environment all around. Painters, dancers, movement teachers, architecture, hair and clothing designers and other musicians as well. His first band was at 16 years old and he started playing shows at his hometown area (Kiryat Atta).” ~ GreenblacK

Even If‘ from the speaker-busting Los Angeles, California-based indie Metal band GreenblacK, rips the doors down of anyone who likes to be selfish and small-minded, when actually they have much to learn about the world. With honest lyrics that tells you the truth, this is that ferocious battle anthem about never letting anyone – no matter who they are – bring you down to the dumps of doom, when you are just trying to thrive and be happy in this at-times ugly world.

Hear this powerfully constructed track on Spotify and see more news via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Peaceful Ambiance: Israel’s Pablo Embon is at his glorious best on ‘A Better Day’

With his brand new much-anticipation ten-track album set for release on the 15th December 2021 called ‘Sunrises Every Night‘, Pablo Embon sparkles brightly with a calming influence that shall take you to delightful places on ‘A Better Day‘.

Pablo Embon is an experienced indie Jazz/Blues/Funk-fusion solo artist, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer from Israel. With a staggering twenty albums already to his name, this is surely one of the most prolific musicians the world has ever seen.

The jewel of the new album is the song of the same name, “A Better Day.” Pablo describes it as his crowning achievement in his ever-growing catalog of music. This admission from the artist spurs the anticipation for the release of the album.” ~ Pablo Embon

This is a superb track from start to finish, as he skillfully cultivates the energy felt in a way that makes you feel refreshed again. With an intimate knowledge and passion since he was very young to make crowds swoon in delight and feel warmly rejuvenated, you feel that this is indeed his best work yet. The love attached to this release is rather outstanding – as he takes us for a dazzling journey into a new day that can be much more fruitful than the last – if we let our thoughts combine into something genuine and authentic.

A Better Day‘ from the highly productive Israel-based indie Jazz/Blues/Funk-fusion solo musician, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer Pablo Embon, shows us that anything is indeed possible. He shines brightly on this wonderfully crafted single, showing the world his fantastic skill-set. With an air of greatness within him, he displays an abundance of tremendous beauty on this cinematic marvel to behold.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more from this hard working artist on his Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

True Peace: Israel duo Chen Ron and Yaniv Shnaider drop delightfully exquisite three track release ‘Live at Ma’ale Tzvia’

Returning with a three track release filled to the brim with tremendous style and grace, Chen Ron and Yaniv Shnaider bring us something rather unique with a mixture of hip-hop, chilled jazz music, and a little bit of romantic RnB to sooth our tired minds on ‘Live at Ma’ale Tzvia‘.

Chen Ron is an indie guitarist, music producer, electrical and computer engineer, plus a very highly regarded pianist who is based in Israel.

Chen is well known for his ability to blend together in his productions, various musical genres from Hip-Hop and R&B to Jazz and Neo-Soul.” ~ Chen Ron

All three tracks are of equal high standard quality and hug the speakers just right as ‘Night Breeze‘ flows beautifully into the crisp air with that stunning Masego energy. ‘Mixed Emotions‘ has you grooving around with an extra jazzy sax-filled mood to improve your day, and ‘Bloom‘, is that slow-dance gem which is simply sumptuously loving, that ends off proceedings just right.

In this new Live Session, Chen collaborated with Yaniv Shnaider, an alto and soprano saxophone player in the Jazz, Be-Bop, Pop, and Latin scenes.” ~ Chen Ron

Live at Ma’ale Tzvia‘ from the soulful Israel duo Chen Ron and Yaniv Shnaider, is the first release from this new team and is a rather wonderful effort. Each song is intimately performed and with that rare world class skill, from two true artists who put in that genuine energy on this stunning release. This is one of more pure soundtracks you will hear all year and is that perfect music to lather into late at night, when you need to relax after a long week of hustling hard.

Music with that proper soul and peaceful intentions attached, is always a welcome effort during these strange global times.

Hear more on their YouTube and see what comes next on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Oh No: Ruggedly rocking Tel Aviv-Yafo band Mellow KIM desire that change on ‘I Want More’

Room 315 by Mellow Kim

Taken off the recently released four-track EP called ‘Room 315, Mellow KIM power in with a rip-roaring display on their new dance-inducing single that will lift you off your cozy chair called ‘I Want More‘.

Mellow KIM is a Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel-based three-piece indie rock act who love to turn up the volume and let the speakers shake around like it was 1999 again.

We are noisy, heavy and full of love.” ~ Mellow KIM

With simple lyrics that takes you into the local club as you watch the type of band who will have a chat with you afterwards, we are drawn into a monumental effort that such a welcome and catchy experience. Their love for making that sizzling sound which heats up our enthused palate is obvious – as they glide in with such a smooth style – which has you beaming brightly from the glow on their undeniable enthusiasm.

We mix psychedelic stoner melodies with an in-your face post-punk attitude and infuse our performance with visual avant-garde fantasies. We sing about love, nightmares, hugging trees, drugs, wars and crossdressing.” ~ Mellow KIM

I Want More‘ from the Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel-based indie rock act Mellow KIM, is a call for that change to be made as you desire so much more than what is currently happening. The vocals are full of life and you can’t help but nod your head around to the fantastic energy from the roof-top riffs, as this is a song to turn on loud and proud. A top effort from an underground band who just make that awesome old school-sounding music, which is just really good and totally big ego-free.

Check out this top new tune on Bandcamp and see more news on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Comes And Goes: Tel Aviv rock band Selfish Gene urge us to open up the cards on ‘Cake’

Returning after a distance of twenty years since their last release to the world, Selfish Gene return with a tasty track from their much-anticipated five-track EP ‘Dream of Electric Guitars‘ called ‘Cake‘.

Selfish Gene is a Tel Aviv, Israel-based indie alt-rock band. After being hidden away like lost treasure for so long, they finally satisfy our starved souls with a performance that revitalizes all of our conscious senses, with a guitar-packed shock-wave of soundscapes to lather inside.

This is the story about wishing you knew certain things a long time ago, as it would of saved you so much trouble over the years. You now know that no one can create magic and that the luck of the cards is actually in your hands, as you unhealthily torment yourself for not knowing this valuable information before.

Cake‘ from the Tel Aviv, Israel-based indie rockers Selfish Gene, is a thunderous effort from a band who have clearly missed being together and making high-tempo music together. Sung with a heavy gusto and featuring a powerful background, this is a sterling effort from this experienced outfit. With that taste for making music together back inside their creative music-filled fingers, it feels like they have just started and are ready for more to follow.

Dreaming of those electric guitars in their sleep for so long, has certainly woken up this giant of a band from their enforced slumber.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Toffee Toes – All I Know: 2017’s Most Powerful Sound

Toffee Toes by Toffee Toes

Have reservations about Soul music?

You won’t after listening to Toffee Toes debut track All I Know. It’s impossible to stick a Genre on this band, there is no word to describe the sound when all that comes through is pure feeling through their Alternative, Progressive, Rock Pop riddling.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t quite expecting a sound so bad ass from a band named Toffee Toes. I thought I would be in store for a Twee installation of hell. I’ll hazard a guess and say it was a great triumph in irony that they were able to project such a naïve image with such a raucous beat.

The colourful band released their stand out track earlier this year and what they created with such a simple track was absolutely astounding. The track is a pure cacophony of Soul which reverberates through you with such empowering veracity that you’re powerless to the cascade of sound that drowns you in it poignantly upbeat rhythm.

Toffee Toes are a trio of musicians living in Tel Aviv, Israel dedicated to creating powerful music through their manipulation of rhythm and harmony that comes straight from the soul.

Head on over to BandCamp where you can listen to or download the debut single off their ground-breaking album: