That Peaceful Ambiance: Israel’s Pablo Embon is at his glorious best on ‘A Better Day’

With his brand new much-anticipation ten-track album set for release on the 15th December 2021 called ‘Sunrises Every Night‘, Pablo Embon sparkles brightly with a calming influence that shall take you to delightful places on ‘A Better Day‘.

Pablo Embon is an experienced indie Jazz/Blues/Funk-fusion solo artist, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer from Israel. With a staggering twenty albums already to his name, this is surely one of the most prolific musicians the world has ever seen.

The jewel of the new album is the song of the same name, “A Better Day.” Pablo describes it as his crowning achievement in his ever-growing catalog of music. This admission from the artist spurs the anticipation for the release of the album.” ~ Pablo Embon

This is a superb track from start to finish, as he skillfully cultivates the energy felt in a way that makes you feel refreshed again. With an intimate knowledge and passion since he was very young to make crowds swoon in delight and feel warmly rejuvenated, you feel that this is indeed his best work yet. The love attached to this release is rather outstanding – as he takes us for a dazzling journey into a new day that can be much more fruitful than the last – if we let our thoughts combine into something genuine and authentic.

A Better Day‘ from the highly productive Israel-based indie Jazz/Blues/Funk-fusion solo musician, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer Pablo Embon, shows us that anything is indeed possible. He shines brightly on this wonderfully crafted single, showing the world his fantastic skill-set. With an air of greatness within him, he displays an abundance of tremendous beauty on this cinematic marvel to behold.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more from this hard working artist on his Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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