True Peace: Israel duo Chen Ron and Yaniv Shnaider drop delightfully exquisite three track release ‘Live at Ma’ale Tzvia’

Returning with a three track release filled to the brim with tremendous style and grace, Chen Ron and Yaniv Shnaider bring us something rather unique with a mixture of hip-hop, chilled jazz music, and a little bit of romantic RnB to sooth our tired minds on ‘Live at Ma’ale Tzvia‘.

Chen Ron is an indie guitarist, music producer, electrical and computer engineer, plus a very highly regarded pianist who is based in Israel.

Chen is well known for his ability to blend together in his productions, various musical genres from Hip-Hop and R&B to Jazz and Neo-Soul.” ~ Chen Ron

All three tracks are of equal high standard quality and hug the speakers just right as ‘Night Breeze‘ flows beautifully into the crisp air with that stunning Masego energy. ‘Mixed Emotions‘ has you grooving around with an extra jazzy sax-filled mood to improve your day, and ‘Bloom‘, is that slow-dance gem which is simply sumptuously loving, that ends off proceedings just right.

In this new Live Session, Chen collaborated with Yaniv Shnaider, an alto and soprano saxophone player in the Jazz, Be-Bop, Pop, and Latin scenes.” ~ Chen Ron

Live at Ma’ale Tzvia‘ from the soulful Israel duo Chen Ron and Yaniv Shnaider, is the first release from this new team and is a rather wonderful effort. Each song is intimately performed and with that rare world class skill, from two true artists who put in that genuine energy on this stunning release. This is one of more pure soundtracks you will hear all year and is that perfect music to lather into late at night, when you need to relax after a long week of hustling hard.

Music with that proper soul and peaceful intentions attached, is always a welcome effort during these strange global times.

Hear more on their YouTube and see what comes next on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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