Israel’s Nokerson takes us for a welcome ‘Sunday Trip’ into a better day

Nokerson Sunday Trip

With a stroll-like atmosphere that might have you searching for that shoe you are missing, Nokerson takes our mind away from the wild stress on his latest single, ‘Sunday Trip‘.

Nokerson is a Vladimir Bondar-created Israel-based EDM project from an instrumental artist who continues to grow every year through his wildly creative mind.

Music that I make now sounds better than previously and I think I’m moving in the right direction.” ~ Nokerson

In a calming ambience that will certainly flip your mood around and get you to sense a renewed energy looming, Nokerson returns with a new creation that shows his progression and a shift in direction that is rather inviting to our intrigued ears.

Sunday Trip‘ from Israel-based EDM artist Nokerson is a mellow tune that shall get you feeling rather enthused about what the possibilities are outside your front door. With a mellow style and an intricate beat that might get your tired head moving rather happily, this is a single for anyone who just needs to visualize peace for a while.

In a world packed full of wars and hate, this is a welcome addition to any playlist.

Pre-save the single here to get this track when it’s released on 29th May.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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