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RAYNA has made her debut with the stylishly quiescent Indie Alt Pop single “Let Me”

Let Me (Let Go) is the stunning debut single from up and coming Indie Pop artist RAYNA. The adjectives ‘artful’ and ‘accessible’ don’t’ often meet each other in reviews but Let Me is anything but your average debut single.

The track plays with nuances of Shoegaze and Neo-Classic Pop while allowing the track to ooze mainstream contemporary appeal. As you listen to the accordant progressions, the biggest changes you’ll pick up on is the emotional intensity which comes in arrestive fluctuating waves. The stylish quiescent production is one thing, the evocative propensity of Let Me is quite another.

If you’re as aurally sensitive as me, don’t be surprised if RAYNA’s debut single has you fighting back the tears.

You can check out RAYNA’s debut single Let Me (Let Go) for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Erik Eimiller has released their seductively stylish Indie Synth Pop debut single “Cross the Ocean”

After amassing plenty of acclaim for his percussion skills, New York artist Erik Eimiller has made their solo debut with the seductively stylish Alt Pop single Cross the Ocean.

Along with the infectiously melodic synth-carved hooks, you’ll hear the rhythmic grit of the Indie instrumentals which add even more energy to the entrancing soundscape. Cross the Ocean may share a reminiscence or two with 80s Synth Pop. Yet, perceptibly, Erik Eimiller has made the sound his own through the expressively magnetic vocals and the discernibly solid structure of the mix which won’t fail to arrest your rhythmic pulses.

If you’re looking for an aural pick me up which drips organic feel-good vibes, look no further.

You can check out Erik Eimiller’s single for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

LA alt-pop artist Livi Dillon grabs her soul back with fantastic ”Who Gave You the Right”

You meet someone and you like them so much and things are good for a while. Then you dig deeper and see so much more. You then realize that are you are in fact with a real dead soul. Someone that is manipulative and they aren’t good for you at all. This changes you and need to find yourself again. A life-long lesson is learnt and you slowly start to dig out of the deep hole and start to see the light again.

Singer, producer and kick-ass artist. This is Livi Dillon. She is here with the brilliantly made ”Who Gave You the Right”. This song is for anyone that has been in a tough relationship with a cold person that showed their true colors to you and you did something about it. This is a top song and Livi is going from strength to strength in her career with consistently good releases for her fans.

Livi Dillon has a new fan right here and I like her music style. Her music is different and she is so honest with her lyrics that I relate to on ”Who Gave You the Right”. I’m glad that she got out of this unhealthy relationship and is now stronger after realizing it was all wrong for her soul.

Head through to Spotify to hear more of this incredible female artist.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

”Crossfire” is the incredible story of Sacramento Songwriter Morgalily’s 2nd chance

Indie Alt Pop/EDM artist Morgalily, has an absolutely terrifying real story to tell on her latest track, the stunningly delivered moody blues single ”Crossfire”. Trying to get your head around all the potential outcomes of almost being shot in a crossfire, must of been a real mind bender but luckily through music, she is able to express her story and pain at the same time. Music heals all wounds.

Based in sunny Sacramento, California in the USA, Morgalily has her 2nd chance and fully intends to make full use of it. Realizing that some friends aren’t really friends must of been a huge wake-up call and this song is full of darkness, sadness and reality.

”Crossfire” is Dark Indie Blues Rock at its finest with Morgalily’s gorgeous voice and a song that is so well put together. She doesn’t try to sing too high and everything is so natural. The vocals are crystal clear here, much like her 2019 Indie Folk track Peppermint Gold.

Morgalily has the world at her feet and I’m sure we will see an inspired artist who will grab her chance to see the sun rise again. Life is a wild journey and this song brought home some home truths. We all need to be careful about what friends we keep as ultimately, they reflect us.

Hear this fantastic song right here on SoundCloud.

Jordo Ingle – That Door: Soul-Achingly Arrestive Alt Folk Pop

Up and coming Alt Indie Folk artist Jordo Ingle’s latest single That Door is soul-achingly arrestive. From the moment you’re exposed to the vibrancy of the tone, the energy in the intricately enthralling rhythms, and Jordo Ingle’s distinctively uplifting vocals, you’ll be hooked.

The electronic instrumentals may give That Door a contemporary appeal, yet, the artist has gone right back to the roots of music production by providing aural escapism which also shares a unique lyrical perspective.

That Door demands repeat attention. And you definitely won’t feel begrudging while you give in to the demands of this soulfully beguiling earworm.

You can check out Jordo Ingle’s single That Door which was released alongside the equally as mesmerising single Take My Hand via Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Two Neighbors – Do It for the Photos: The Pop Rock Earworm We Never Knew We Needed

Two Neighbors latest single “Do It for the Photos” is so fresh it almost gives you a chill. The attitude-driven Pop Rock hit unapologetically annihilates those odiously vain people which we’ve all undoubtedly encountered as we scroll through our newsfeeds.

The fact that we probably all know of someone like that perfectly demonstrates the even more painful fact that so many people spend their life imitating what they see on social media in a desperate bid to be ‘impressive’. We’ve gone beyond life imitating art and moved into an era where we all try to be one homogenised followable assimilative figure. If you get as angry about that as me, you’re going to be just as enamoured by Two Neighbors’ single as I was.

The catharsis found in Do It For the Photos is insanely potent. Equally as potent is the talent exuded in this insanely infectious, perfectly polished radio-ready hit.

You can check out the official lyric video to Do It for the Photos which premiered on January 9th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Masøn & Braden Mason – Jennifer Street: Pensively Progressive Neo-Classical Pop

The pensive piano notes found in Masøn & Braden Mason’s single “Jennifer Street” should be of plenty of appeal to fans of evocatively open artists such as Bill Ryder-Jones who aren’t afraid to lay their souls down over beguilingly melancholic melodies.

Even though the single has a slightly Pop Ballad feel, there’s a captivating tenderness to the single which pushes the soundscape into the realms of Neo-Classical.  There was no way of anticipating the amount of momentum which would build in Jennifer Street. Yet, the most overwhelming aspect of the aural alchemy has to be the deftness in the execution of each of the nuanced evolutions.

The single practically drips in commercial appeal. It’s going to be interesting to have Masøn & Braden Mason on our radar for 2020.

You can check out Masøn & Braden Mason’s single Jennifer Street via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

Gelax – Mr Square: The Most Fiercely Convictive Alt Rock Single You’ll Hear All Year

“Mr Square” is the latest single to be released by the experimentally pioneering, unfuckwithably fabulous up and coming artist Gelax.

Without any hint of hyperbole, I may have just stumbled across my favourite new artist in 2019. From the very first time of hearing Mr Square, the taunting, sardonic nature of the lyrics hits you along with the unique sense of satisfaction through listening to such convictive lyricism laying down an aural attack on misogyny.

The same instantaneously gripping effect is something that I have only ever experienced through hitting play on any of Amanda Palmer’s (Dresden Dolls) tracks. And that’s certainly not a comparison I make lightly.

Despite the angst behind the inspiration of the soundscape, the lyrics are versed through reflectively hazy vocals which sit in perfect synergy with the instrumentals which share the same lucid textures until the basslines come in to dominate the soundscape through blistering grooves.

You can check out Mr Square along with Gelax’s earlier released singles for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Man Called Noon – Everybody Move: Punchy Soul-Infused Indie

Everybody Move is the latest EP from Indie Alt Pop powerhouse Man Called Noon. With their ability to create infectiously catchy melodies, I wouldn’t say it will be long before their radio-ready earworms make them a household name. There really is no underestimating the up-vibe hype which Man Called Noon pour into their soundscapes which come alive through an eclectic mix of Americana, Pop and Soul.

The first two tracks on the EP “Everybody Move” and “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” may have been a little cheesier than your average Americana Pop track, but track three is definitely enough to make an audiophile prick up their ears to the boisterous and distinctively raucous edge of “One Last Right”. The track dials back the punchily jovial energy and lets the rhythm take over to allow miserable cynics like me to enjoy a stellar offering of soul-infused Indie.

You can check out the EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast