”Crossfire” is the incredible story of Sacramento Songwriter Morgalily’s 2nd chance

Indie Alt Pop/EDM artist Morgalily, has an absolutely terrifying real story to tell on her latest track, the stunningly delivered moody blues single ”Crossfire”. Trying to get your head around all the potential outcomes of almost being shot in a crossfire, must of been a real mind bender but luckily through music, she is able to express her story and pain at the same time. Music heals all wounds.

Based in sunny Sacramento, California in the USA, Morgalily has her 2nd chance and fully intends to make full use of it. Realizing that some friends aren’t really friends must of been a huge wake-up call and this song is full of darkness, sadness and reality.

”Crossfire” is Dark Indie Blues Rock at its finest with Morgalily’s gorgeous voice and a song that is so well put together. She doesn’t try to sing too high and everything is so natural. The vocals are crystal clear here, much like her 2019 Indie Folk track Peppermint Gold.

Morgalily has the world at her feet and I’m sure we will see an inspired artist who will grab her chance to see the sun rise again. Life is a wild journey and this song brought home some home truths. We all need to be careful about what friends we keep as ultimately, they reflect us.

Hear this fantastic song right here on SoundCloud.

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