Indianapolis artist Keith Phelps returns with journey-filled electro song ”Silver Lining”

Keith Phelps is a music producer and singer-songwriter from Indianapolis, Indiana in the USA. The talented artist returns with his latest wizardry track called ”Silver Lining”.

After spending some time on tour as the keyboardist for Season 10 American Idol finalist, Haley Reinhart- Keith decided to go solo and do his own thing in the music world. He makes unique music that transforms the studio. His creativity is rare and terrific to listen to due to the whole feel of everything inside the song. The breaks are intriguing and I feel like this song will be in a movie. Keith refers to his sound as the “audible chicken and noodle soup for the soul”.

The soulful Indianapolis artist Keith Phelps is on a mission and we are witness to his growing greatness. ”Silver Lining” is all about staying positive and looking at the positive moments in life. Being negative isn’t going to help so keeping a happy spin on things will help you win on the jackpot of life. This is a lovely song that will have you daydreaming for ages.

Stream the new space-filled journey here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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