Twist It: Tampa-based artist Jay-T sticks to that strict code on Unknown

Feeling the vibe as he sees those sneaky demon eyes who won’t let go, Jay-T rolls with the molly and doesn’t want the night to end on the no witness single to play boisterously on Unknown.

Jay-T aka Josh Thomas is a Denver, USA-born, Florida-based hip hop artist and music producer who fuses in some pulsating trippy and alternative layers into this progressive track.

Urging the surrounding people in his presence to show him something new that will cause his brain to work as he likes it, Jay-T shows us his entrepreneur mentality and guides us away from the meaningless noise and into a jaw-clenching world that will scare many, and energize others.

Unknown from the Tampa, Florida-based hip hop artist/music producer, Jay-T pulls through from outta space and urges us to keep the night lit like the green he is currently blazing in the end zone. Packed with a superbly vibrant atmosphere, this is a single to play on full when you’re on the way to the club.

Finding out new things you don’t understand yet is the best way to grow your mind.

Listen up on SoundCloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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