Interview with Abyssal Voyage: Navigating the Future of Alternative Hard Rock

Welcome to an exclusive interview with the rising stars of Florida’s alternative hard rock scene, Abyssal Voyage. In this candid conversation, we delve deep into their future goals, information on their upcoming releases, the electrifying energy of their live performances, the secrets behind their unique sound, the musical influences that fuel their creativity, and a few surprising facts they can’t wait to share with their devoted fans.

Can you share with us your band’s future goals and aspirations? What do you hope to achieve in the next few years, as Abyssal Voyage?

Our biggest goal as a band is to become an established, profitable business known for delivering quality entertainment to the fans we (hopefully) make along the way. We also aspire to one day provide employment and scaling opportunities within the entertainment industry for those with the same discipline, direction, and dreams that, we as a group, all share together. There’s no real idea what the future holds for us and we don’t want to set limits for ourselves. We’re just learning as we go and always try our best to navigate the obstacles that all artists, especially Independent Artists, tend to encounter.

We previously reviewed your track Time, What can fans expect from the new music you are creating, and do you have any future release upcoming?

We’re so grateful for what you wrote about ‘Time’. We took it to heart when you guys deemed us with such titles as “Juggernauts in the Hardcore Scene”! We just released our second single, ‘Step’, which is filled with nothing but groove during its 5 minute time span, and has also given our band a more prominent boost in our local area. We have another single coming out, hopefully, by the end of the year with the immediate goal for all of 2024 to really be pushing the brand of ‘Abyssal Voyage’ and prepping the public for our debut album. We don’t really write our music in any sort of conventional sense. It’s mostly riffing based on the vibe we have with each other during some random moments at practice, then tightening up and adding flavor to each song over weeks and sometimes months from inception.

Your live sound is known for being unique and captivating. Could you share some details about the type of equipment you use to achieve this distinctive sound? Are there any specific pieces of gear that are essential to your live setup?

From what we’ve been told by our fans, our songs or “sound” are all unique from one another and our energy live is unparalleled to most performances they’ve seen. Which you can imagine made us feel incredibly confident in our writing and performing abilities since their statements confirmed to us our ability to communicate the vision of our songs to the listener successfully! What makes our live sound so distinctive are all the elements each member brings to our live setup. Andres having such an animated and passion-filled frontman persona, Cory’s indie-ambient flare with mood shifting whammy bends and the rhythmic section being driven by Verb’s grooving low tones and sporadic mid-range bass scales that hold the balance around Dyl-Pick’s unique riffing style; all that’s powered by a 2 amp stereo setup, being complimented by Todd’s massive drum kit that holds every percussive tone a rock band could ever need!

It’s always interesting to learn about a band’s musical influences. Can you tell us about the artists or genres that have had the greatest impact on your music? How have these influences shaped your sound?

There’s so many artists to name, a few would be: Korn, System of a Down, Van Halen, Megadeth, Guns N’ Roses, Nas, and Modest Mouse. Each member has a large repertoire of influences ranging from Hard Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Rap, Indie, Pop, and even Dance music that they bring to the table respectively. This wide range of sonic ideologies gives us such a creative push that we feel adds to the unique reputation that Abyssal Voyage is starting to develop amongst fans.

Fans love to discover interesting tidbits about their favourite bands. Could you share an unknown or fun fact about Abyssal Voyage that you think your fans would find intriguing or surprising?

Every member in the group is playing/writing/practicing outside of their normal ranges. Our entire rhythmic section, for example, is playing their secondary instruments. As stated in the previous question, each member’s respective influences adds a semblance of musical and tonal progression that pushes each different member to dive head first into a new level of focus and creativity that, with continued effort, keeps transcending to new heights throughout the lifespan of Abyssal Voyage.

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