Via Lena finally secures that much-needed sleep on her sensational statement track ‘Insomnia’

Waiting for that rest fix to come when she needed it most, Via Lena drinks when she doesn’t want to and feels like she is sinking rather deeply into a bath of doom that is drowning her on her sonically speaker-shaking new single, ‘Insomnia‘.

Via Lena is a Holtsville, New York-born indie alternative artist who performs with that desirable edge and makes songs that will be entrenched into your mind for hours.

From the crib to adulthood, Via Lena has been infused with music. It started from her mother playing guitar and singing to her as a baby, to piano lessons as a child and chorus throughout middle school.” ~ via her ReverbNation page

Delighting all listeners with a brave display against the odds, Via Lena eloquently shows us deep inside her life and reflects wholeheartedly on what has been bringing her down recently. Showing us her classy ways and smartly constructed creation, this is a lovely release that so many of us shall relate to.

Insomnia‘ from Holtsville, New York-born indie alternative artist Via Lena is one of the most ear-piercing singles you might turn on all day. Showing us her massive potential and delightful vocals, this is a special song written from the heart by someone who has lived through the pain. Each note shall jolt you awake and get you into the mood to take that well-earned rest in a cruel world that can take you underground if you let the sewage take you away forever.

Getting that sleep when you need it is the key to life that is so underappreciated.

Hear this deep new track on Spotify and see more news on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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