Bask in the euphoric rays of Ami Leigh’s 80s synth pop allegory of love, You Give Me Such a Feeling

Trying to predict Ami Leigh’s next move is as futile as mapping out a dreamscape; the County Durham-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s perpetually fluid sonic signature is always in flux. Her latest single, You Give Me Such a Feeling, captures the chameleonic songstress at her most unflinchingly amorous.

While her discography may already be an arsenal of hits that play with light and shade, with some tracks that linger in the darkness before locking into the warmth of heartfelt sentiment, You Give Me Such a Feeling swims in ethereal dream pop bliss, leaving you under no illusion of the sincerity of the release.

The Cure’s influence echoes in the opening guitar lines, before the lush with 80s synth-pop nostalgia melodies ebb and flow beneath Ami Leigh’s tender-to-the-heartstrings harmonies. As soon as you slip into the serene escapism of You Give Me Such a Feeling, it will be hard to know where your emotions end and Ami Leigh’s start.

Instead of relying on the British weather to bring sun-soaked serotonin, make this single a playlist staple and get your fill of iridescent euphoria.

You Give Me Such a Feeling was officially released on June 14; stream the single on Spotify and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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